Monday, May 17, 2010

"Rainy Days and Mondays"

And when it's Monday and it is raining cats, dogs, and elephants, that REALLY gets me down!!  I had been out today, as I have been for the last few months, to take M-t-G to her violin lesson.   Afterward, I had taken her back to her house and stayed till her mom came home from work.  It was right around the beginning of rush hour....never a good time to be out and about in Austin, trust me.

So I ran a couple of small errands, then went to get some dinner as a means for killing some time so that I wouldn't have to deal with the heaviest traffic getting home.  For a town the size of Austin, the amount of traffic can be unbelievable!  At about 6:30 I thought I'd have missed the worst of it so I decided to head for home.  All day it had been sunny, then a little cloudy, then back to sunny, but it was dry.....until I decided to head home.

While I was having my dinner, an enormous bank of black rain clouds had moved into the area.  I hadn't driven two blocks, when the rain started.  Of course, the ominous looking clouds moved northwest right along with me but the rain didn't get any heavier.  I thought I just might make it all the way home before it really let go.  WRONG!  The last three miles of the journey is when the deluge hit.  The big ugly clouds came to rest right over the area where I live....and it poured!  There was thunder and lots of lightning very close by.   It sounded like there might have been some hail, but I couldn't see any.  In truth, nobody could see much of anything!  For once most drivers had the good sense to slow waaaay down.  We had to, we couldn't see the road!  Or each other!!  It was a tad scary!

I've lived in places that frequently have pretty heavy rains (FL, CA), but today felt like the worst I had ever driven in.  I now know how Noah must have felt on the ark.  It was coming down so hard with so much water that the streets began to look like lakes....long, skinny, lakes  (some people might have said rivers, but not me, to me they were lakes---mostly because I didn't think of "rivers" before I thought of "lakes"!  lol!)

Anyway, I finally made it to my house and got safely inside the garage without having to row!  But it continued to rain, thunder, lightning, for another hour....still seeming stalled right over my house!  In fact, I think it's still sprinkling a bit now. 

I believe it's time to switch songs.  OK, all together now, "Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day."  Please?


  1. I love a good rainy day... but... I really love a big thunderstorm! However, too many days in a row of gray, misty, wet, rainy... blech!

  2. So glad you were okay. I was driving home from Dallas one time when there was a tornado watch. It was right in my path so I had to stop in Temple for the night. But I remember just how scary it was in that heavy rain. Oh, and I was picking up my parents from the airport when we had the awful hail storm in March '09. We had to pull over and wait it out in a parking garage, but getting to the garage was so scary!! Anyway, I totally relate and I'm just really glad you were safe in the end!


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