Monday, May 10, 2010

"Is That All There Is?"

Warning:  This is yet another trip into the Slough of Despond.

I really am amazed by all the bloggers that I follow and come across, who post everyday.  So many bloggers have wonderful and interesting hobbies, collections, babies, photographs, even shoes!  They always find something to say and they usually make me smile, or laugh, or nod my head in agreement. Sometimes they make me feel sad, or envious, or even a little upset.  I have found so many really impressive writers out there, really talented writers that are sharing their talents with the rest of us.  Humor, pathos, deep thoughts, and life experiences, each writer better than the one before.  I love reading them all!

The common denominator (how do you spell that word?!)...uhn...thread that these wonderful writers all seem to have is the writing every day.  Every single day!  I envy that ability, because I sure don't have it!  I consider myself lucky these days if I manage a couple of posts a week!

In years past, back when the only way to share was in person-to-person conversation, if I was relating some event or other, I was never 100% sure that I hadn't told that person the story before.  So I always aplogized if it was a repeat and stated that I only really had about 12 stories in my history that were worth telling.  Ha Ha, silly me!

So here I am having the audacity to have a blog where lots....well, a few of you stop by to read what I have to say every day!  And I don't have anything to say most of the time!  It makes me feel bad, sort of like I'm reneging on a promise.  I think and ponder and try to come up with a topic worth writing about.  Unfortunately, lately, I come up with postings that just irritate some of you or, even worse, I end up with zip, zilch, nada, bupkis.....a big nothing! 

I am afraid that I have told all 12 of my stories worth telling, and now I have to wonder, "Is That All There Is?" 

12 stories isn't much to show for a lifetime.


  1. Oh Mellodee, you are a good writer, that's why we keep coming back for more. Your writing is real.

    Do you have a camera? Take pictures and use them to help you write. I'm sure you have a lot more to say.

    Your writing stirs controversy... how cool is that?

    Write what's on your mind... it's a beautiful mind.

    Keep writing, relax, open your eyes and you will have so many blog post ideas fly through your thoughts, it will be tough for you to chose what to write about.

    Your alive, right? You have new stories... more than the twelve.

  2. I like visiting your is open and honest and I enjoy your visits and nice comments to my blog. I feel you are honest with what you say and I like that. When I first started my blog I wrote every day because I was excited and then I ran out of ideas and felt my life was to dull to be interesting to any one. I began to add things I read and little tid bits of my life. Boring!! I almost quit a few times from comparing myself to other blogs but I hung in because it is good for gives me an out let and I have met many nice friends such as you. My blog has recently become one where I share my photography hobbie and my venture into art. What it will be next who knows? I do not feel I need to blog every day. Like you I do not have much to say. Just have fun and do what ever you is your blog. Let it evolve. I will be here to enjoy it. :)

  3. It sounds like you've hit a very natural slump, and I'll tell you even though I'm one of those daily bloggers, I hit those slumps too! I often go for days on end where I feel like I just have trouble thinking of anything even remotely interesting, witty, or useful to write about. And then somehow the inspiration comes back....

    Daily blogging is NOT a must! You've kept up with the blogging, doing it a couple of times a week. That seems to work for you. And I bet you'll find that your inspiration comes again...then goes again...then comes again. It's natural. :)

  4. The Slough of Despond? Hahaha... haven't thought of that since being forced to read Pilgrim's Progress at gunpoint in high school.

    I think MOST bloggers feel they've only got 12 stories to share, and I think most of us are completely amazed that anyone reads us at all. At least, I know I am!

    The first time I got a comment on my blog, back in Oct. '08, I was flabbergasted.

    But -- still, it's fun, it's a connection, it keeps me from getting bored and betting the grocery money on the horses, and it's something I do that when I hit that "publish" button, it is actually DONE. Fini. Housework is never "fini." It's like stringing beads, with no knot on the end of the string.

    OK rambled enough -- bye! --

  5. First of all, you're an excellent writer and you know that, Missy!! Second, I actually appreciate people who don't write every day because I don't have time to read blogs every day and I hate it when I get backed up. I find myself deleting some without reading or commenting because it gets too overwhelming. So thank you!

    I also had a lot to say in the beginning, not so much anymore. But it's fun to post periodically and find out that you still have readers.


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