Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I'm Back in the Saddle Again"

Well, actually I'm nowhere near a saddle, but the general idea is still true. 

Thank you to all my wonderful cyber-friends who visited and left me such encouraging comments.   You have made me feel better about how and what I write about.  Sooo, I have pulled myself back out of the Slough of Despond (Good call Cass!  Pilgrim's Progress is, indeed, the source) and will face the keyboard once again.....tomorrow. 

If you haven't already discovered them, please go visit these lovely ladies, they are truly the BEST!!

Cass at That Old House

Susan at Back Door Logic

Beth at C. Beth Blog

Dee at LookUpToday

Thanks you guys!!  I'm grateful!!

So while I'm not actually in the saddle (or even near one) right now, I expect that I will be ready to ride tomorrow....or maybe the next day....


  1. If you DID get "back in the saddle" it would have to be one with a cup holder for your Diet Pepsi!

  2. OK so last time you gave me nightmare flashbacks to Pilgrim's Progress . . . and now I've got Gene Autry stuck in my head singing Back In The Saddle Again.

    Oh well. I like Gene Autry. When my kids were little, I had a CD of Autry singing Christmas music -- it was wonderful, because even little ones could understand every word!

    Anyway I am rambling. Thanks for the mention; what a surprise. :-)

    I am stealing a few moments at the computer while paint dries! And I LOVE the combination of blue and black, you know. Only not on bruises.

    Take care! Keep riding!

  3. Thank you for the thank you. Now just stay in that saddle OK? HUGS Dee


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