Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Happy Birthday to Yoouuuuuu!"

Today, September 23, is my daughter's birthday....that makes it a very special day for me.  I am so proud of her and I always have been!  Right from the start.

I was proud of this little angel they brought me in the hospital.  She was beautiful!

I was proud when my dad held her for the first time....tho I wish she hadn't chosen that moment to wet her diaper!

I was proud when she took her first ballet class.  Is there anything cuter than a 3 year old in a pink leotard?

I was proud when she started school.  She was one of her teacher's favorites! 

I was proud when she got the hang of swimming and diving.  She looked so sleek diving into the pool!  That was something to see!

I was proud when she joined the synchronized swim team.  The things they did flat out amazed me!

I was proud when she graduated from grammar school.  She looked so pretty in her powder blue cap and gown.

I was very, very proud when she graduated from high school, and college, and graduate school.  She was the only person I've ever known whose grades kept getting better and better!

I was so proud that she chose the road less taken in choosing her major (Theater).  I told her some people actually have careers in theater, so why not her?  She told me that she'd probably never make more than $10,000 a year.  I told her money isn't everything!

I was proud when she got her first job offer from the theater department at Cornell University.  

I was proud when, less than a year later,  she got a job offer at UT heading up their undergrad Stage Management program!  It was so cool that she taught college kids how to be Stage Managers.

I am proud that she is still at UT after nearly 20 years and she has been steadily promoted and advanced throughout her entire career!  My daughter got to be one of those people who has a professional career in theater!  (And she makes more than $10,000 too!)

I was proud when she got married.  It was a beautiful wedding and she was a truly beautiful bride, both inside and out.

I was unbelievably proud when our darling Maddie-the-Great was born.  There was so much worry and concern throughout Maddie's early life, but my daughter handled it all. 

I am so proud of the way she parents her daughter.  I am amazed at her patience, and consistency.  She is a great mom!

I am proud of the way she takes care of all the people in her life. I am proud of the love she has for all of us.  I am proud that I can see her strong values in the way she and T.A. are raising Maddie.

I am very proud of my beautiful, talented, accomplished, and completely wonderful daughter.  I am proud of every single thing about my daughter.  She keeps proving over and over that she is a very special person.  I know she will live the rest of her life, being the best that she can be....which is very, very good, indeed.

But more important than all those markers in her life that make me proud is that I love her more every single day.  Not just because of her accomplishments, but because of who she is.  She is my baby girl.  I always have and always will cherish her.  She is simply the best daughter there is!  I am so grateful for all the joy she has brought into my life every single day.

Thank you, my beautiful and awesome daughter, you are the very best thing that ever happened to me.

I love you, Honey Bunny!

Happy Birthday! 


  1. What a beautiful, from the heart, birthday tribute to your daughter. I hope she has a grand day. Thank you for letting me know that Joyce Kilmer was a man...who knew? :)

  2. Awwwww Mom, you made me cry!!!! I love you too!!!

  3. Hey - I think I finally made the comment thing work! Ta da!!

  4. Mellodee, In answer to your question on my blog about the old sheds and farms I photograph...the answer is yes, there are ton's of them in the farm land around me. This area I live in has over 100 huge farms that are fourth generation farms. Lot's of old out buildings, barns and abandoned homesteads. Mellodee, I respect your opinion and hope you do not mind if I ask you a blogging question. Do you think it is best to answer questions on your blog, or visit the person's blog and answer them there like I just did on yours? What do you preferr to do on your blog?

  5. Of course I don't mind!! We're Bloggy Friends! Supporting each other is what we do!

    Actually, I've struggled a bit on this too. When I first started blogging I would respond to any comment questions by posting an answer in my own comment section, so that everyone could see the answer. Then I began responding directly (like this is) to the question/comments I received. And sometimes I will do both by sending them a response directly and posting that answer to my own blog if I think it's worth sharing with everyone. I've gotten away from answering every comment I get. I respond to the ones that seem to "need" it or if I come up with a particularly clever answer (that doesn't happen so often!)

    When It comes right down to it, I guess I don't have a consistent approach. I just sort of roll with what feels right on a given day.

    What's YOUR preference??

  6. That is so beautiful Mellodee, you're daughter sounds lovely and is very lucky to have such a proud mom! I didn't know you were in Austin, I'm from Belton! My mom still lives there so I go visit often. Thanks for the comments on my blog, it feels good to know someone else is reading it besides MY mom, lol!

  7. What a great post about your daughter. I can tell that you are very proud of her!

  8. What a wonderful post! Were I your daughter, this would be something I could read over and over again. I know she's proud of her mother too. laurie

  9. My 37 year-old babies were also born in September. Truly a great month!


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