Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Is a Puzzlement"

I don't know if this happens to everyone, but lately I have realized that "multi-task blogging" is hard for me.  You may never have heard of multi-task blogging....that wouldn't surprise me since I just made up the phrase!  So, what do I mean?

In the time that I have been a blogger, I have come to recognize that blogging has several distinct parts: 

***  Reading blogs
***  Commenting on blogs
***  Writing  my own blog
***  Reading comments I get
***  Responding to comments occasionally
***  Discovering new and interesting blogs

If there is a day when I actually accomplish all of the above parts, I consider that a multi-tasking blogging day!  See?

Unfortunately, what I am discovering is that if I spend much time reading, commenting, and discovering blogs, I don't usually write my own!  Sometimes its because I find myself in awe of really winning blogs.  Writers that have a real gift for painting lovely self-portraits in words.  Sometimes it's that I just end up sitting for a very long time and my not-so-little bum gets sore!  Sometimes it seems that I do blog-stuff all day long and that can't be good!. 

Sometimes, it's that I keep finding new blog sites that I love and I add myself as a follower and then I realize I don't have a new posting to invite my new bloggy friends to visit.  Not only that, but the new blog is just one more blog to add to the already long list I read each day. 

Whatever it is, once I read and comment on a bunch of other blogs, I seem to lose my motivation for writing. 

Thus, I find that I incapable of multi-task blogging!

When I analyse the problems, it becomes increasingly clear that I cannot manage my blogging time appropriately.  I just need a better system, right?  One that doesn't end up overwhelming me.  Trouble is, I haven't figured out what that system might be!! 

I have enough difficulty in identifying topics I want to write about in the first place!  By spending so much time on other people's blog, I am basically shooting myself in the foot!   Read first? Write first? Comment first?  I really have to figure this out soon!

Let me tell you, "Is a Puzzlement!!"


  1. I've been blogging for about 3 years and, frankly, I find that I don't spend as much time as I used to reading, commenting, or writing.

    However, I was expecting a cool story about The King and I after reading your title!

  2. When you figure it out please let me know!! I am in the same boat as you!!

  3. I kind of do socialize blogging. I like visiting my followers. They motivate me to blog. I feel my world is very small and at times I have a hard time thinking about what to share. I try not to get caught up in what others want to hear...but just blog about my life. I think you do wonderful with your blogging. I would love to have your writing talent. Main thing, keep it fun and do not let it become a task or burden. My biggest frustration is poor internet connection. :(

  4. It is hard Melodee. There are some days that all I want to do is visit my favorite blogs, and there are other days that I just want to get a post on my blog and be done with it for awhile. When I visit one of my favorite blogs, I try to go back to catch up on posts I might have missed. Blogger has told me that I can't become a follower on any more blogs until I delete myself from some that I am currently "following". I can't find the time to go see if I'm following blogs that no longer exist! Any way I do it, I end up spending more time sitting on my rear in front of this computer than a person should spend doing that! Let me know if you come up with a plan. laurie


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