Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Sittin' on Top of the World"

Ratchlet had to go to NYC on business on Monday and she was going to come home tonight.  She decided to stay one more night so that she could go an opening night of a limited engagement at  Feinstein's, a Manhattan Supper Club.

When she got back to her hotel, she called me, "Open up your email, Mom."  Okay....  Here is what I found.

You can probably figure out that Ratchlet is on the right.  And she is standing next to Broadway Legend, BARBARA COOK!!!!!  Oh, wow!

My darling daughter, was at Opening Night of Barbara Cook and Michael Feinstein in NYC!   Ratchlet said it was an absolutely  terrific show.

And, completely out of character for her, Ratchlet went to talk with both Cook and Feinstein after the show.  (Really, you don't know how reluctant Ratchlet is about doing such a thing.)  She meets celebrities all the time in her work setting and is usually one of the ones keeping adoring fans at bay!  But not this time!  Ratchlet has loved Cook's voice for years but has never had the chance to see her perform before tonight. 

If you are not familiar with Barbara Cook, check out her website at  This woman is an icon!  Not only is she still singing, she has no plans to stop singing anytime soon.... even though she is 82 years old!!

Can we say that Ratchlet is "sittin' on top of the world" tonight!

I'm just a bit jealous....darn kid never takes me anywhere!        (Just kidding, sweetiekins!)      :) 


  1. Very cool that she got to meet her!

  2. That woman is 82!! Dang. How cool for your daughter. I guess we're at the age where we have to live vicariously through our kids.

  3. Oh how exciting! I know she was thrilled. So glad she got to do that. laurie


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