Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Hard to Believe" -- Exhibit B

As I said yesterday, coincidences abound in my life.  Little ones like everyone encounters and big ones that are almost too "hard to believe".  Let me assure you, though, they really do happen to me.  Here's the story on Exhibit B!

When we decided to move to Austin from CA, the decision was made pretty quickly and things moved along at a fast pace.  We came to Austin to look for a house and become acquainted with the city.  It was going to be a quick trip, just four days, and at the end I would be flying out of Austin to Lake Wales, Florida for my 35th High School Reunion.  Then back to CA to start packing!

The gods were really smiling down on us about this move!  We found a house on the very first day we looked!  It was a nice house, but one of the biggest points in its favor was that it was on a golf course with a country club!  A dream come true for the Big Guy!  I think he envisioned a life of non-stop golf! 

We went to the Club to explore, Mikey being interested in the course and the locker room, my interest was more for the dining room and the pool!  They all turned out to be lovely and our enthusiasm kept growing.

As we walked around the grounds, trying to find the entrance back into the club from the pool, a fellow in his early thirties or so was coming out of the locker room door.  We must have looked lost, because he stopped and asked if we needed help.  As we didn't really need help, we struck up a conversation (mostly about what a great course it was and that it was a great place to live --  I don't think he was on the payroll, but he sure gave a ringing endorsement).

He told us a little about his family, including the fact that his undergrad degree was from Univ. of Florida.  I am always interested in talking about Florida, so I said that I had grown up it Lake Wales.  Hey, he said, my Basketball coach in college was from Lake Wales!  Really, I said, what was his name, thinking I might know the family or something.  He said, Aubrey Whitaker.   AUBREY WHITAKER?????  REALLY??   Not only was Aubrey in my graduating class, he had been a friend and I would undoubtedly see him at the reunion I was going to in 3 days!!!  Wow!  It was almost creepy!! 

We chatted a couple of minutes then went on our way.  Even after we moved here, we never, ever saw him again.

Now really, how often does that sort of thing happen to you?   For me, it happens a whole lot!   It seems like I'm always humming the theme from the "The Twilight Zone" for one thing or another.  Well, do you blame me?

Exhibit C coming tomorrow!

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