Friday, October 1, 2010

"Hard to Believe" -- Exhibit C

Of all the really big coincidences in my life, this is the one that continually blows my mind!

You may (or may not) realize that Mellodee is not really my name.  My own name is kind of boring and "Mellodee" has a history in my life (a story for another day perhaps).  Quite a few bloggers use pseudonyms for a variety of reasons.  However, today's story requires that I tell you my real name because therein lies the tale!

When I was born, my parents picked Linda for my first name and Lou for the middle.  My last name was Johnsen (with an "e" please, Dad was Danish.)  Mom, being a Catholic, wanted to have me baptised as a Catholic too.  There was a small snag that put a bit of a monkey wrench in the choice of names.  I don't know if it's still true, but at that time, the first name had to be the name of a Saint and there was no Saint Linda (hmpf! go figure!); so the name had to be altered a bit.  On my birth certificate I am Linda Lou Johnsen.  On my baptismal certificate I am Louise Linda Johnsen.  Fast forward 20 years....when i got married my legal name became Linda Lou Durkin.

Fast forward another 25+ daughter, Ratchlet (NOT her real name either!) met the love of her life.  His last name is Drga.  It is of Czech origin and is pronouced "dur-gah".  Thus after she was married she used "Durkin Drga" as her last name.  Interesting, but not all that much of a coincidence.... right?

Well the thing is that with a husband, she also acquired a Mother-in-Law.  Her name....wait for Linda Louise Drga!!

So there you have it, the daughter of Linda Lou Durkin married the son of Linda Louise Drga!  Confused?  So were a lot of people!

(Is that Twilight Zone theme I hear???)

And that, boys and girls, is COINCIDENCE!! 

(So don't ever say there is no such thing as coincidence!  Just come into my world and I can introduce you to one!)


  1. I never knew that about your baptismal certificate! Wow! LS

  2. Wow...How interesting. It is kind of like a predetermined connection of some kind. I have a long story about my name's...notice I said name's...that I may share one day.It isn't a cool as your story. I did go a take a peek at Nikon Snipers blog and it does look like we were on the same road.His caption made me chuckle. :)

  3. Wow, that is pretty funny! And probably hard to keep track of at some family functions....


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