Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Things Have Changed"

I am simply appalled by the whole bullying issue and all of its current facets!!  Bullying used to mean that a kid who was bigger than you would push you down on the playground and take your lunch money.  The kid being bullied sometimes fought back, not often perhaps, but enough so that bullying wasn't always a slam dunk for the bully. The little guy had a chance!  It was often an uneven contest but the odds weren't so bad that the little kid was at a complete and total disadvantage all the time.  Nobody wants their child to be victiminzed by anyone.  Bullying (big and powerful against small and powerless) is never a good thing, but it had been going on for centuries in one form or another.  I always thought it was sort of a rite of passage that some kids had to experience.  I was wrong!

Now what they are calling "bullying" is more than's's's prejudice, and it's persecution....and it is NOT RIGHT IN ANY SITUATION!  When those involved are teenagers attacking other teenagers to the point that someone DIES at their own hand because they have been emotionally destroyed by their "peers",  that should be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.  It is one step away from manslaughter or perhaps even murder!!

I don't care what the issue is, it is CRIMINAL.  Look at those being bullied:  gay and lesbian men and women, disabled children, new emigrants, anyone, ANYONE, who is "different".    Ahhhh, yes;  the weak, the insecure, the lonely, the handicapped.  Just like all bullies, they pick on those with no skills or ability to fight back.  That's a really slippery slope and the world has been there before.  Shall we mention a few names?   Adolf Hitler??   Ho Chi Minh??  Ku Klux Klan??  And that's just from the last 100 years or so!  There were many before that!

Are these current teenagers being raised by followers of these and other monsters??  Is ANYONE raising these kids?  Where are their parents?  Who are their parents? Why are their parents not in better control of their kids?  Or are the parents the ones who are fueling these hateful, monstrous behaviors?

Any parent who KNOWINGLY allows their child to participate in this type of prejudice and persecution, should be punished, right along with their kids!

It cannot go on.  It must not go on!  "Things Have Changed", yes, that's true.  But when kids pick on other kids and someone kills themselves because of it??  That's unconscionable and MUST NOT BE TOLERATED! 

Someone, somewhere,  must have an idea of what can be done to stop this threat and protect those kids from other kids!  

Like I said, I am appalled!  Aren't you??


  1. Well said Big Sis! This message needs to get out more. Is there still a thing such as "Letters to the Editor" anymore anywhere? LS

  2. It's horrible. I have a friend whose KINDERGARTEN daughter is having to change classes due to her bullying (and her reaction to it, and her teacher's poor handling of the situation.) Awful.

  3. I am 100% with you on this subject. I think the society and parents are to permissive today. Anything goes if it makes you feel good and there are no consequences except a slap on the hand. Did you notice that if you do try to do something about the bully...the bully's parents get in your face in defense of the bully and the schools just turn their head away like it is no big deal.I am appalled and MAD! I also notice the bullys have followers with them now...that is gang mentally.


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