Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Ain't She Sweet?"

In honor of the upcoming Halloween, I thought I would share (if Blogger will release its stranglehold on my photos) some of our Halloween moments from the life of Maddie-the-Great.  All of the costumes were homemade and were the choices all came from M-t-G (except the first one), her mom and dad just had to figure out how to make them!  Here are some my favorites!

1st Halloween -- Not too thrilled!
Did you ever see a happier clown?

Such a Ferocious Lion!

Did they wear pink & purple in the Old West?

1st Woman on Mars?  This is my favorite costume.
Her dad worked hard to make it as authentic as possible! 
Cool, huh?
Evidently that is all the photos that Blogger is allowing me tonight!  (Arrgh!)  But anyway, "Ain't She Sweet?"
This year M-t-G wants to be a Spy!  Uh-huh! the heck do you suppose her mom can make a 9 yr. old look like a SPY??   We shall see! 


  1. You must have just put this post up while I was visiting your previous post. What cute costumes. She is going to have such great memories of her parents making her costumes each year. I am picturing a big magnifying glass, a plaid hat, and hound dog this year! laurie

  2. Mellodee! What fantastic pictures... I especially love the first Halloween picture. So so cute. Thanks for sharing. The Astronaut costume is wicked good!

  3. I love the laughing clown picture of your Maddie. Her mom and dad are very creative and you can see the love put into each costumes.

  4. Such great pictures! I know what you mean about posting pictures to our blogs. It seems like it's harder than ever!!

  5. Think I screwed up on my comment. Anyway, all of us parents have photos of our kids crying in their first Halloween costume and crying during their first visit to Santa. I think it's mandatory!

  6. She's adorable! I love that afro clown hair!!
    Happy Halloween to you both!

  7. She is absolutely very sweet! And what is up with Blogger and the picture thing, right? It's doing that to me too....driving me bonkers!
    Love the clown costume, she is so beautiful!


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