Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Things I Couldn't Say" [aka Dear So and So]

Dear So and So...

Another installment of little letters filled with "Things I Couldn't Say" in person!


Please STOP changing things seemingly for no reason!  For instance, uploading photos!  It used to be easy....bim, bam, boom, and you're done.  No more!  I cannot post a picture even though I've tried and tried!  You see, there are NO INSTRUCTIONS!  No tutorial.  No Help.  No Hints even!  I would like to inform you that there are still a bunch of us out here who were not born a part of the computer generation.  Everything new you come up with is a struggle for us.  Could you, please, maybe remember that and give us dinosaurs a break????

Frustratingly yours,

Dear Followers,

I don't know why I can't get my new photos to post.  My frustration level is outlined clearly in the above letter to Blogger.   I will keep at this til I get it right, but I guess today may not be the day.  I'm going to take a break now, but I SHALL RETURN with photos in place.  (I hope!) 


Dear Retail Stores,

Today is October 12, 2010.  It is 2 weeks BEFORE Halloween!  It is too early to be putting out your Christmas merchandise!!  The Christmas Season is long enough!  We don't need it in mid-October!

Still stuck in Halloween,

Dear Ladies,

For those of you who drench yourselves in heavy, overwhelming perfumes.  Would you please cut it out!!  You may think it makes you alluring, but really all it does is annoy the crap out of everyone who comes within 15 feet of you!


Dear CVS stores,

Just wanted to compliment you on the brilliant idea of having the Minute Clinics in your stores.  Practically everyone has a minor medical or health situation/question from time to time.  The alternatives, e.g. doctor visits or calls, ER visits, urgent care centers, free clinics, etc. are all much too expensive and busy to deal with my minor little something.  Minute Clinics are a wonderful idea whose time has come!  Good job!


Dear Legislators (both incumbents and wannabees),

As mid-term elections loom, may I suggest that all of you take a couple of hours to re-read the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble and Constitution of the United States plus the accompanying Bill of Rights!

Perhaps that will remind you that once you are elected, your job is to REPRESENT your constituents, not the Lobbyists, not the special interest groups, not the Fanatics, not Big Business, not the money-people, not any specific industry, not even your own Party!  You represent the people who put you in office and who can just as easily take you out of office.  Why don't you try listening to us for a change?


Dear Voters,

Please read the above and vote accordingly!!  It is our duty and our right!  Don't blow it!



  1. I agree with you on the stinky perfumes some people wear. My hubby's grandma wears so much you can taste it when you are around her...yuk!

    I am so tired of political ads slamming each other...can't wait until election day.

  2. I'm not sure how Blogger's photo uploading works now. I have an account with (It's free until you fill it up; I recently did have to upgrade mine because I was using too much bandwidth. I have a lot of photos on there.) I copy the HTML code (which they supply right below the photo after you upload it and save it.)

    Then in my Blogger post I go into "Edit HTML" mode to paste in the code. I switch back to "Compose" mode and click the photo and drag the corners to make it the size I want it to be.

    So that is ONE option if you're frustrated with Blogger's software. :)

  3. Love these letters! As for the politicians, my guess is that many of them need to read those documents for the FIRST time!

  4. GREAT Dear So and So!

    Let me check how I've been uploading photos and see if I can give you directions.

  5. I just stumbled in from WSPRSWEETLY, and I never thought I'd EVER be giving computer instructions to ANYBODY---but after almost a year of blogging on blogger, I figured it out.

    It IS a 1,2,3 thing---a click, a selection, another click-click, and it's done. You DO have to remember to arrange the photo numbers in BACKWARD order, for the first one entered with be at the bottom of your post, etc.

    And there's NO going back. I just HATE when I delete one of the middle ones after all the top ones are loaded. No way to insert one in place, for the loader goes first come, etc. . . .

    I'll be glad to e-mail you the little steps if you need me to.

  6. Dear Ladies,
    I know quite a bit about loading photos to Blogger. Please click on my ID/icon here, go to my blog (FAQ and answers)Browse around the label list and click on photos.

    P.S. I live on the blogger help forum!That was where I saw your protest and followed your foot prints to this blog.

  7. I found an easier way to communicate. Please look for me on your follower gadget.
    Click on my icon and click on "FAQ and answers"


  8. Thanks for your response, and so quickly too! Unfortunately, it is now nearly 1:00 a.m. and it's NOT a good time for me to try to work through tech issues. :) I'll come back and see if I can follow your instructions! Going nite-nite soon!! :)


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