Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Take a Chance"

ALERT:  If this isn't successful its the fault of Laurie from , Cass from  and Susan from  They are the ones who mostly made me want to play like they do!!    :) 

In Blogland there are a gazillion sites from people who have incredible skills and abilities in the area of home decor (see above).  Mostly I love what they post, but I knew I would never feel confident about much that I do in that regard, at least not confident enough to share! 

Nevertheless, somewhere along the way I have been bitten by the bug!   I have succumbed to at least trying my hand at some Fall/Halloween interior decorating.  I've usually done some things for the holiday, but it was kind of haphazard.  This year however, I have been sucked into .....inspired to try my hand at mantle decorating for the season.  The only time I ever did anything special with the mantle was Christmas.  I don't know why it never occurred to me to do the same thing for Fall....but it didn't.
 You know that I am not much of a photographer.  I don't have the eye or the patience.  It's obvious from the very few photos that I post, that photography is not my best thing.  (Give me a monologue to perform or a song to sing and I'm on it like white on rice, but taking pictures??  Nope, it just isn't me!)

Well, I decided to "Take a Chance"!

All of this is prelude,  of course, to what could be summed up in a few words, i.e., This is my first effort at Mantle Decorating for the Season, so please be kind!

After struggling with this for two days (!) I finally got two of four to load.  I'll settle for that I guess, 'cause I'm tired of dealing with it!!

The first picture is the mantle, which doesn't actually look quite so bare in reality.  The second is my table centerpiece, it doesn't look like enough though, does it?  I'll have to figure out what I could add.
 Soooo, what do you think?


  1. Fall decorating is my favorite! I have almost as many fall decor boxes in the shed as Christmas. And each year I buy more - much to Ed's dismay.

  2. Linda...your mantel is beautiful! I love perfect for fall! Love the wreath! Thanks for those sweet words! :) You are a sweetie!

  3. I second Susan ... you ARE a sweetie to mention us with those sweet words.

    Or ... you want someone to lay the blame on.... hmmm...

    No, really -- thanks! I love the chicken theme on the mantel; I love me some chickens, and yours are adorable. I like the casual look of the loose wreath; nice touch!

    The centerpiece fellow is darling. I would like to see the candles, too! Need any help with getting pictures on the blog? Susan has some good advice in past blogs --you can search and find them.

    GREAT inaugural flight into Blogland Decorating. This just tickles me no end!

  4. I've been out of town, and my internet connection was sporadic, so I'm just now seeing your beautiful mantel. Great job! You should be posting more pix of your decor. I love your mantel. The roosters are wonderful, and I want a Fall wreath like that one. How nice of you to credit me as one of the bloggers who inspired you to take the plunge! I am proud to take credit for your posting of these pretty photos. What a cute turkey centerpiece.

    Have you ever tried using Windows Live Writer instead of posting through Blogger? The photos load SOOOO easily on W.L.W. If you want to give it a try, just google Windows Live Writer. Email me if you have any trouble with it. I'll be glad to help. You'll love it, and I would love to see more photos of your lovely home. laurie


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