Sunday, October 3, 2010

"It Ain't Right!'

Bit by bit the woman I am has been disappearing!  Just sort of fading away without my noticing it.  First, it was my hair.  Under cover of peroxide it was surreptitiously losing all color of it's own!   It left me with a mix of grey and white.  Well, okay, that turned out just fine, surprising the heck out of me.  Thank goodness (and Gram) I have always had a lot of's fine, but there is a LOT of it!  But lately with the changing hair, I'm getting more hair loss (for lack of a better term) than usual.  It's not at all critical, but I really don't want to end up with really thin hair!!

In addition to the hair thing, gravity has been playing havoc with my face!  I used to have a nice firm jawline.  That's gone.  Now instead of a crisp edge my chin (or should I say chins!)  has become a bumpy slide right into my neck.  It's not so bad, I guess but it is very aging.

My upper eyelids have decided to let go of their position and I can see and feel them settling in on top of the lower part of the lid.  Makes me look half asleep, for heaven's sake. 

In general, my cheeks look a bit like a bunch of small waves cascading down my face.  Don't like that much either.

Well all of that is part of normal "maturing"  (read:  aging!) and is directly related to the pull of gravity (or is it the push of gravity??  I get confused!)  Nothing much we can do about gravity.  I mean, it's kind of necessary, so we don't all fly off into the vacuum of space!!

However, lately there are two new changes going on that I just don't get!  My eyebrows and eye lashes have taken up disappearing!  I've never  had a preponderance of either, but there was enough to actually see with the naked eye!!  Not so much anymore!  If I put a little mascara on my lashes, you can see what's left, and it helps define where my eyes are (you know, whatever is not hiding under the sagging lids!)  The eyebrows are thinning out a lot and about half of what is left has come in white so they are virtually invisible unless I recreate them with pencil.

And the most annoying thing?  My lips are gone!  Where the hell did they go???  I used to have normal lips, with a pretty decent shape.  When I did the make-up thing, they were kind of pretty and they suited me.  BUT NOW????  When my mouth is closed (which in actuality, isn't all that often!), the lips sort of roll in toward the center and I am left with what looks like a crease!  I don't want a crease!  I want lips!!  Real honest to goodness lips!  A crease is what you iron into your slacks, it doesn't belong on your face!  

"It ain't right"!!  That really should not be our reward for managing to stay alive beyond 55!  Nope, it ain't right at all!

There are options of course, both surgical and cosmetic, that could "fix" all of this.  I might consider going that route, if it weren't for the fact that every single person I have ever seen who has had a facelift, or collagen, or botox, or any such thing, ends up looking like a freak!  I mean, really!  May I just mention Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers for your consideration??  Both of them are well over 70 and they look terrifying because of all the "work" they have had done.  I guess, there's a reason they call it "Plastic Surgery".

Celebrities are notorious for trying to stay "Young" by lifting, coloring, injecting, or other things.  What they end up looking like is an unreal, blubbery lipped, expressionless, Halloween mask!  I'm surprised they don't scare small children.  They don't look "young", they look scary!

Sooooo, I am not going to explore that avenue one bit further!  My face may be disappearing bit by bit, but least I still look like a human being, not an alien!  Of course, who knows what will disappear, droop, sag, or move next??

Nevertheless, if you happen to find my lips laying around somewhere, would you please get them back to me???  I kinda miss them a lot!


  1. But you are aging so beautifully... we are always our own worst critics.

  2. Susan...PLEASE don't tell anyone that is going though this that they are aging beautifully! LOL
    Oops! I forgot myself there! All I need do is look in the mirror..and NO one dare tell me I am aging beautifully!
    Don't worry about your lips, sweet friend! They are probably in the wagon that I need to haul my around. Not an easy time, is it?
    Like I said, I think we just may be twins!
    Hugs! (yeah, I know that doesn't help. Susan was more help than I am!)

  3. LOL.You could be describing me...I miss my chin. :)

  4. I know exactely how you feel!! My husband always says at least you're alive:) Which is true but doesn't help. It's a shame we have to age like this!!

  5. Crap, you could be describing my face! Only good thing is that the eyesight is going, too, so I can't really see all the wrinkles. As for lips, mine are still here, but they hae lost most of their color. What the crap is that about! Everything on my body seems to be melting, is ya know what I mean......


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