Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Mama Said"

Did you know, that if you are in a restaurant and you manage to tip over a very large cup (32 oz!) entirely filled with iced tea, ice cubes, sweetener, and lemon, about half of it will spill across the pages of one of your favorite authors' HARDCOVER book, bounce off the side of the table directly into your new-ish handbag sitting on the chair, and pool in the the bottom of the purse, after soaking the lining, and splashing around long enough to dampen everything? 

Aaannndd, did you know that the other half of the tea and ice will land directly in your lap, soaking the bottom and sleeve of your sweater, soaking through the napkin, soaking the ENTIRE front AND rear of your jeans, running across your thighs, down your legs, and directly into both of your shoes???

Well, it does!

"Mama said, there'll be days like this
There'll be days like this, my Mama said
(Mama said!  Mama said!)
Mama said, there'll be days like this
There'll be days like this, my Mama said"


  1. Gee, Mellodee, I haven't tried that particular trick yet, but my KIDS did it several times.

    And somehow it always landed on Mom.


    I've also had waiters/waitresses spill things on me. I'm beginning to think I must closely resemble a sponge, or a dishrag.

    Hope you've dried out by now! Were you able to salvage the book? I hope only the parts you'd already read got wet!

  2. LOL. Sorry Mellodee, I do not mean to laugh at you. I hope every thing cleaned up ok.

  3. Whoa Nellie!
    Did that happen to you??

    Don't feel too bad. I was once at a fancy luncheon and the waiter dumped an entire glass of water right into my open handbag. I felt too badly for him to be angry, but gee... a whole glass!!

  4. It would upset me the most about the purse!!

  5. Well, it sounds horrible, but you turned it into a fun post to read!!! Sorry. laurie


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