Sunday, December 4, 2011

150th Metamorphosis Monday!

I am not a Do-It-Yourselfer.  I don't have the skill, the patience, nor the persistence to take a project to completion when it involves painting, sanding, repairing, or any of the things to take a crumbling piece of furniture to a beautiful addition to a room.  But boy do I admire the people who do! 

When I discovered all the wonderful DIY bloggers that share their projects and make it look so easy, I get antsy and want to join in the fun.  However, knowing my limitations I stick to things I can do like this!

I think every home has a space like the one below.  It's a catchall.  Things that you don't know what to do with end up here....and there they sit for the longest time.  As you keep adding more and more things that have no real home.  After awhile, it becomes intolerable.  It becomes the BEFORE!

Pretty awful, huh?  I would never show this except in this circumstance, believe me!

 Well, somewhere I saw a makeover of an old Library catalog and I was in love!  What a perfect kind of cabinet for a bunch of my little stuff that was scattered all over the kitchen and family room.  I had to get me one of those!   So I searched.  It wasn't even difficult to find several different sizes,  Unfortunately, the reality was that the multi-drawer units were too big for the space, the smaller ones weren't as useful.  The ones that needed re-doing were still pretty expensive and the ones that had already been re-done cost waaay more than I wanted to spend anyway.  Okay, no Library catalog.  On to Plan B!

At this point the Big Guy began to search on-line and for a few weeks, each evening he was home, I would occasionally hear "How about this one?" coming from the family room while Mikey scoured the Internet.  I began to despair and tried to come up with Plan C.

I should have had more faith.  My guy came through (he has lots of persistence!), On my birthday I received the perfect thing.

Well, it was almost the perfect thing.   Very, very close, but it was a muddy, baby poop color that just wasn't very attractive.  And to top that off, one of the rear corners  had been broken in transit.  I was so disappointed at first.  But the Big Guy came to the rescue again!  He contacted the artisan who made it and she agreed to replace it with an unbroken one and she even offered to paint the replacement to the color of our choice!  Oh Happy Day!  Don't you just love responsible merchants??

So we sent Mr. Muddy back and after a bit, we got the new one that was just exactly right!  It was yellow!  (I know it doesn't look much different in the photos, but it is!)  I was so excited.  After shopping the house, this is the display I came up with:  What do you think?

Here is the AFTER:

The little bronzed-baby shoes were worn by both me and my sister, just 12 years apart!

This is a poem M-t-G wrote for her Poppa in 2008 for Father's Day.
 (She was 7 years old.)

It isn't quite complete.  There will be Library catalog type label holders added to the drawers just as soon as the holders are painted and I figure out what goes where.  But I love the little nook and at night it lightens up a previously dark corner of the kitchen just beautifully (again the photo doesn't do it justice.)

So I am so pleased with this, I am sending it to the 150th Metamorphosis Monday (if I can figure out how!) at
Between Naps On The Porch

And... Before and After Party at Thrifty Decor Chick


Go visit all the lovely links with changes of their own.  You'll love it!  I do!

Compared to all the beautiful Metamorphoses and Before and Afters, this is kind of small potatoes, I know.  Still, it's a big change for us!!  Hope you enjoyed our makeover!!  I think we may have started something around here!  Yep, "There'll Be Some Changes Made!"


  1. (I tried posting earlier, but it didn't go thru) I like what you did in your corner. Looks very "Mellish."
    I, too, like to make changes. I have completely changed my living room. Only piece of furniture from the past is my beloved piano. I would like to change the kitchen some, but there is so much "stuff" I just wouldn't know where to start. I cleared out a lot of the excess cooking stuff after my wife died, but still have lots of appliances and prettys around there that I will never use. Maybe in 2012 I will work on it some more. A "scaling down" sale might be in order.

  2. I love it!!

    And your little messy corner looks just like the countertop next to my fridge. (Well, it looks like several OTHER areas in my house too....) :)

  3. Oh, I love it!!!! And our baby shoes are there. Awwwww. Maybe I SHOULD move to Austin and you can be my decorator?!! LS

  4. That is beautiful. I really respect organization but I end up with a mess, too. You have some great ideas. I'm glad to see you still left some of the wine. :)

  5. Nicely done! I love creating new little areas in my house. Only problem is that I have such a difficult time getting rid of the old stuff.

  6. Love it. Please take some time to check out my blog.

  7. Love it. Please take some time to check out my blog.

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  9. The following was posted by Clavs, but somehow it wouldn't publish soooo, here it is:

    Hi there ms. mellodee,
    wow! I love what you did of the old stuff in your kitchen stack in one cabinet and now it looks so nice. I myself hate clutter, in fact my friends call me "OC" hehe. If im there i will be willing to organize all your stuff there in your house lol!
    BTW, tnx for dropping by at my blog and leave your comment, appreciate it..

  10. Me Again,
    hahahaha your funny Aunt Mellodee! even if I want to, I couldn't and I wish I could? just so you know I am a million miles away from you! lol! you know philippines right? that's where I am today...but if you could give me wings to fly, I will be on your doorstep before you knew it! lol!

  11. That looks great! Love the little yellow cute. My counters are a mess too...with school papers from the kids, cell phone chargers, pencils, and well...just lots of stuff. I need you to come to my house next!

    Thank you for all of your very sweet comments! and thank you for visiting.

    Merry Christmas! Kristine


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