Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I don't have a bunch of time for writing (as I warned you a few days ago).  Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about you all and hoping your Christmas preparations are going well!  I am moving forward, but slowly.  This may be the year that it doesn't all get done!

This is not an unusual situation exactly.  It's just that this year we have a couple of unusual distractions/ intrusions that are not a normal part of our Christmas.  I already told you about my rehearsals and tomorrow the Big Guy will go to have one of his cataracts removed....so he'll be out of commission for at least a day and a half or so.  A masterpiece of planning, I must say.  Still, I have FINISHED my shopping a full 7 days before Christmas.  That's pretty miraculous!  However, there are soooo many other things to do....sigh.

Just so you have something to read from me (so you don't forget me til I get back to writing more regularly), here is a REPRINT from Christmas 2009.  If you change the dates, it pretty much fits every year!  :)

December 14, 2009:   "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Every year, all year, I look forward to Christmas. I think its "the most wonderful time of the year". I love the decorations, I love the traditions, I love the music, I love having my family close, and I love the look on my daughter's (and granddaughter's) face when they open a particularly perfect present. Ratchlet gets all teary and sniffly because a present is a sentimental connection to something important to her. I've managed to hit the mark with one of her gifts nearly every year. As she has done with me! (We are an odd family, the gift that makes you cry is the best gift!)

Maddie-the-Great has loved Christmas since she was old enough to sort of know what it was. The look of excitement when she sees that "Santa's been here!!" (usually yelled at the top of her lungs), brings a lump to my throat each time. She gets so happy as she opens each present. She says, "Santa brought me just what I wanted!"

The Big Guy is an even bigger fan of Christmas than I am. He is the one who insists we bring out all the old Christmas things again and again, even tho they are becoming tattered and torn. (And I pretty much agree with him.) I've been trying for years to rein-in his gift- giving some, but he seems convinced that more is always better!

Poor T.A. had the misfortune of marrying into a family of Christmas-addicts! His reactions are more controlled and he is not as sentimental about the traditional things. But each year he understands a little bit better than the year before. Ratchlet and M-t-G's feelings about the holiday, must be rubbing off on him by now!

Every year I promise myself I will get things all done early so that they can be enjoyed throughout the season. And every year the promise goes by the wayside. Even if I get an early start, I am still playing catch-up at some point. Maybe its because I buy too much, or decorate too much, or delay wrapping too much, or several other "too muches" or it might be because everything absolutely must be finished by 3:00 pm Christmas Eve, whatever the reason or combination of reasons, about a week before Christmas, I get to feeling like a Grinch! It all becomes overwhelming and too much work and I start to snarl at my loved ones. All I want to do is go back to bed and skip straight to Easter, a much less high-maintenance holiday.

I thought this year, being retired and all, I could get things done in a leisurely manner.....no rush, no fuss. Take my time, do a little bit every day until its all done. Doesn't seem to be working so far. I'm behind, as usual. I haven't completely given up hope for no rush, no fuss, but it most probably will become big rush/big fuss, just like always.

Then at about 3:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve, I'll take a deep breath, and all of a sudden, its "the most wonderful time of the year" again. Its a tradition.


  1. Forget you?? Are you kidding? and besides, I can see you right up there on my buddy list. I don't bother you, but I sure think of doing it! LOL
    Merry Christmas, my friend!

  2. Mel, your last year's post would be perfect for me to reprint every year on my blog. The week before Christmas, I always start begging my family to let me postpone it for a week. I tell them how much more we could get for our money at after Christmas sales, and how we wouldn't feel so rushed through the season, but I have yet to succeed with my arguments. Somehow, Christmas comes and goes whether I'm ready or not, and it IS always the most wonderful time of the year. Hope your husband's eye surgery went well, and I hope your play went well too. Wishing you and all of your family the best in 2012. laurie


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