Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"

Yep, "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"....just not too much around here!  "Why not?" you might ask.
Well, first there's a lot of  decorating to do. I love a Christmas-y house and every year is different about when that gets done. To be absolutely truthful, the outside of the house is decorated with lights, and stars, and reindeer and snowmen (it isn't as over-the-top as it sounds!)  But the inside is definitely a Christmas mess rather than a Christmas delight!

This has happened many times before, so it's nothing new.  The outside is done because Mikey does that by himself.  The inside however, is on hold.  But there's a reason!  Really!

You see, I'm frequently involved in a show around this time and rehearsals can seriously eat into my evenings. When Mikey was doing shows too, it was really hard to get it all done. The show I'm in now is better in this regard because the part I play is a bit of a peripheral character and is in only 3 scenes. That means I don't have to be at rehearsal very often. But still I have tons to do. 
Part of the problem is that the Big Guy has been making needed repairs to several lighted decorations for both inside and outside, including the tree. The tree is in three pieces across the living room and until he has the time to finish the repair, there they will stay. So that puts everything else on hold. It is great that he doesn't want to just toss out something without at least trying to fix it, but his time is limited to weekends. So the rest has to wait.
And it's also a horrible time of year for doing things like writing blogs!  My days are all wrapped up in Christmas prep.  And I have tons more to do!!  Luckily (and very unusually), my shopping is just about done. And I would like to point out that it is only December 13!!  But the shopping is sort of the easy part.  It's the wrapping that bogs me down every year.  I swore to myself I would get it done several days BEFORE Christmas Eve.  Considering I haven't actually started wrapping....I'm in deep trouble already!  lol! 
So why can't I at least write when I can't do any of the other stuff??  That, my friends, is a question with no real answer!  I guess my tired little brain is just not focused in the right direction,or something.  It's like I'm stuck in neutral!   I am pretty sure this is just a minor little temporary absence from blogland.
Oh yes, the wrapping will get done, the decorating will be on display, the lights will glow, the tree will stand, and I will write again!  Just not tonight!  sigh.....


  1. Oh goodness I know the feeling. It seems our house is usually a disaster for weeks before the decorating is done and even then the mess seems to hang around for a bit. I just put my mess away yesterday..well most of it. Today is baking day...so now the kitchen will be this way for a while. Oh well...it's all part of the season. Sounds like you've been very busy down there..good luck with your play and don't forget to enjoy journey. Have a great day.
    Maura :)

  2. We bloggers miss you, but I understand where you are coming from. I, too, am busy right now with Cantata stuff, and haven't wrapped a single thing. But I will!
    Merry Ho Ho!

  3. And that's why I love January!!


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