Thursday, December 15, 2011

"I Wonder as I Wander" -- Part II

Okay, May appears to be out.  Evidently certain people (the B.G. and Jimmie E) who shall remain nameless refuse to share their birth month with either Thanksgiving or Christmas!  (Selfish, selfish, tsk, tsk!)  So it's back to the drawing board. 

Let's see, what about....

January?  --  No, December-January is just as bad as November-December....besides, too many people are hung over from the New Year.

February?  --  No, it already has Groundhog, Valentine's, and Presidents' Days....

March?  -- No!  All those St. Patrick's Day will arise en masse in defense of their green beer!

April?  --  No, April is tricky, sometimes there's Easter and sometimes there isn't.  Too hard to keep track of!  (Maybe that's why there is April Fool's Day!!)

May??  --  No, NO, a thousand times  NO!  Those stingy boys just don't know how to share!

June? --  Don't be silly, that's for MY birthday!

July? --  Uh-uh, that is for the whole country's birthday!!

August? --  Hmmm, maybe August???  Well, no, everybody is on vacation and it's usually too darn hot!

September? --  No, that's when the kids go back to school and they are generally too darned grumpy to be either thankful or merry!

October??  --   No,  Halloween! All those ghosties and ghoulies would frighten Santa's reindeer!! 

Nove....  -- Oh, that's right back where we started.  Well, darn!

Sooooo,  Thanksgiving evidently cannot be anytime except November and Christmas has permanently claimed December.  Oh Bah! Humbug!  Sigh....

 I withdraw the suggestion.  Carry on.....


  1. Love it! Christmas silliness at it's best.

  2. Well, I think Jesus would be offended if you changed his birthday.

    Oh wait, he almost certainly wasn't born in December.

    Okay then, the pagans who originally celebrated on December 25 before Christians adopted the holiday...they'd be totally offended. ;-)


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