Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Cappella

Just thought I would update on a couple of things:

First, I have a working phone again!  Yay!  I was finally able to get hold of someone late yesterday afternoon and they agreed to send someone out today to repair whatever it was that they broke.  They assured me that the repairman would be here today between 8 AM and 6 PM!   Some time frame!

As the damage occurred outside, I assumed (rightly it appears) that the repair could also be done outdoors.  Therefore, I did not get up at 8 AM and I did not stick around the house all day until whatever time they finally showed up.  Good thing!  They didn't arrive until about 4 PM and the whole thing was back up and running by 4:30 P.

The best part, however, was that the security system "trouble" alarm finally stopped beeping!  After 29 straight hours,  it shut itself off with no fanfare as soon as the phone was fixed!  I was glad to have a working phone again, but I was thrilled to be rid of the infernal beep!

Hopefully, that is the end of that story.

Secondly, the Big Guy was due back in Austin this evening at 11 PM.  At almost 6:30 I got a call from him saying that he had been sitting in the plane on the ground for the last two hours while they decided whether or not the plane was fully functional.  After two hours they decided it was not functional and the flight was cancelled.  Mikey was not all!  There were some 120 people stuck on the ground with no flight.  surprisingly, they were able to get everyone re-scheduled fairly quickly.  Mikey was booked on a flight leaving at 7-something arriving in Phoenix at about 10P, where they would receive a hotel voucher for an overnight stay.  He will leave Phoenix tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 AM and he will finally be home around 1:15 tomorrow afternoon....IF there are no further problems.

Naturally, I spoke to him several times as he updated me on his situation.  The phrase he repeated most often was, "Have I mentioned that I HATE TO TRAVEL??"  Yes, Mikey Dear, you have and tonight I don't blame you one little bit!  Just get home safely.  The rest is just details!

Okay, I hope that this is the end of that story too!  Time will tell!


  1. I used to enjoy flying, now I don't. I once went to Charleston, SC. which is less than a 2 hr flight. 13 hrs. later we arrived.

  2. After 29 hours of beeping I bet you can still hear it....ugh. I am glad all is up and running as it should be and that hopefully your husband is now safely home.

  3. That was SOME window. I was expecting a package that I had to sign for and I stayed home all day just for it. No package but it came the next day just as I had my coat on ready to leave. Figure that, too.

    I hear all these travel stories and I'm glad I don't fly anymore. Now you can almost get some place faster by dog sled. And enjoy the fresh air.
    Take care....


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