Tuesday, January 15, 2013


AT&T has been working in our area for months.  From what I understand they are replacing all the old copper wire with fiber optics to carry the signals (or whatever they carry). Last week I spoke with an AT&T rep (2 of them actually) who were canvassing the neighborhood to "update the residents" on the work being done.  They told me that the work was finally done and all the new cable was DONE!  They even apologized for how long it had all taken.  I thought it was kind of a good customer relations effort and was impressed.....at first!  Well, what they were really doing was trying to convince everyone to bundle all their communication services under AT&T!  (It's always about the money!!)

Now I'm not interested in bundling (at least not that kind!) because every time there is some change in technology it just makes everything go haywire and it takes bloomin' forever to get it all sorted out again and to learn all the new stuff that you have to learn in order to make it all work right!  I'm done with learning any more new stuff in the technology area.  Done!  No more.  I just want to be able to have a working computer, phone, and TV.  I don't need my computer to watch TV, nor do I need the phone to check Wikipedia or my email every five minutes.  I don't want to Twitter, Facebook, Link In, or tap dance while I am writing the great American novel, comparing recipes for low-fat, low salt, low calorie, low taste whole foods that will make me live forever, and tracking down the boy I had a crush on in the 3rd grade who now lives in Timbuktu!!  So I thanked them politely and just said "No."  (Of course, you know that it took half an hour to explain why I don't want all that stuff....I talk just like I write -- long!

End of story.  Right?  But no, but no!  Two days later, hanging on my front door was a Day-Glo Orange notice from, you guessed it, AT&T.  Across the top it said "Core Installation and Maintenance."  Uh-oh, this can't be good.

The notice informed us that starting by 1/11/13 "work operations would begin on or near your property."  Below that there was list of possible work operations and something called "Digging splice pits" was checked off.  What's a splice pit?  Why do they need to dig more than one??  What do the pits splice??  Why do they need to do it in a pit??   Why do those pits need to be on our property???  How many pits will there be anyway??!!?

It further asked us to keep our dog indoors and unlock any gates that blocked access (neither of which we have, thank heavens!)  Then it said "Work will be complete by_____________"   Handwritten into that space was, "ASAP  ?"  Sounds a little open-ended to me!  "ASAP  ?"    (As soon as possible  Maybe?  Maybe not?)   ASAP  ?  (As soon as possible, but who knows when that might be??)  ASAP  (Whatever that means???)

So there has been a truck parked alongside my house for the last five days.  They have dug a pit, have a huge pile of dirt just sitting there, and erected a bright orange (AT&T really likes orange!) fence around the whole thing.  The whole thing takes up a space about 8'X8'....sooo attractive!  Luckily it is not visible from the house unless I look out the dining room window, crane my neck to try and see around a big ole tree without hitting my head on the glass.  Even though it is ugly, it really is not obtrusive for us.  (The neighbors, however, might have a different take on the whole thing!)  It hasn't been a big deal.....until today.

About two hours ago, all of a sudden our security system started to beep for no apparent reason..  You know, one of those annoying high pitched electronic noises that is just regular enough and just often enough to drive you UP A WALL!!  The panel has a bunch of lights lit up including the "Trouble" light.  Swell, I thought!  Mikey is out of town and the alarm thingy won't shut off, I don't know what's wrong, and it is making me "Crazy!"  So I went to the phone to try to get hold of Mikey for advice and....no dial tone!  The phone screen says "Check Tel Line", but I can't check the line because I can't make a call!!!

So I go to see if I can talk to the workers in the splice pits and...........there are no workers.  There is no truck. I can't call the security company.  I can't call AT&T and the damn security alarm is beeping away and there is nothing I can do to make it stop!  I can't even find my cell phone.  The only saving grace is that I do have power.  Otherwise I would be sitting in a cold, dark house, with a beep that won't quit, and babbling to myself, wondering if the workers will ever return!

I guess I should have taken advantage of the bundling offer.  Evidently, AT&T doesn't like to be turned down!

UPDATE:    Still beeping, still no dial tone, found my cell phone, called the number conveniently left on the Orange Notice and.......no answer!    (whimpering....)


  1. Everytime I see the Comcast truck in my neighborhood, I cringe. I cringe even more when I see painted orange lines on my, or my neighbor's lawns. It is either a problem or an upgrade to the cable which means something will be dug up, usually on my property.

    I feel your pain.

  2. For heavens sake....that is beyond frustrating. I will check back tomorrow to see what happens. :(

  3. Oh my word! After reading your current post, I had to scroll down to read this one. I can't believe you had to listen to that beeping for so long. They would have had to take me to the nut house! I've never understood it, but it seems that every time my husband leaves town, something goes wrong, and I don't know how to deal with it. Glad your husband will be home soon. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. laurie


Thanks so much for leaving a comment. It's really nice knowing what you think!! Besides, comments keep me from feeling like I'm here all by myself!! :)

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