Sunday, January 27, 2013

"I Don't Want To"

I. Don't. Want. To.

A friend of mine posted the above on his Facebook page today.  I. Don't. Want. To.  Someone else asked him what it was he didn't want to do.  His reply??  "Anything!"  I know just how he feels.

Maybe it's just January doldrums, but I really don't want to do anything right now.  (And that encompasses the last four or five days)  And I especially don't want to do anything that someone else is forcing me to do.

Such as.....

*  Shop at a 7-Eleven that  bought out the convenience store/gas station near my house as of 1/1.  I am not a fan of large corporations gobbling up smaller, independent and/or locally owned businesses.  Nothing I can do, of course, but.... I. Don't. Want. To!

*  Pay higher prices at said new 7-Eleven.  The carton of cigarettes I bought this evening cost $1.00 more than they did in December.  Not new taxes, not priced higher by the manufacturer; nope, just more profit for 7-Eleven at our expense, and.... I. Don't. Want. To!

*  The cup of soup I ordered at Chili's this evening is in a smaller bowl than it used to be.  The manager denied it, but I have this soup often and I know it is smaller.  Ergo less soup. for more money, and .... I. Don't. Want. To!

*  Latest possible hit for smokers?  We might have to pay a great deal more for insurance through Obamacare (doesn't it have a better name than this??), .... I. Don't. Want. To!

*  The increased costs of cigarettes plus a huge hit on insurance rates  are unfair, an infringement on my rights to do something which IS NOT ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, OR DISHONEST, and may ultimately force me to stop smoking, .... I. Don't. Want. To!

* I received a letter from my doctor's office informing me that because of high costs for everything AND THE FACT THAT THEY DID NOT MEET BUDGET FOR THE LAST 8 OUT OF 12 MONTHS, they need to increase their revenue.  Rather than raise prices for visits and services, they have decided to "institute a modest yearly medical home fee of $100-$120."   This does not get us any new additional services, or special attention, or any more direct access or anything.  It's just that they want us to pay $100 a year, just to be one of their patients.  The fee is for the following non-covered (I guess by insurances) services of:  "prior authorizations, replaced prescriptions, and up to 2 nurse phone consults or 1 after-hours physician phone consult A YEAR (if medically appropriate)."  We will still have to pay for regular visits, medical records, and missed appointments and .... I. Don't. Want. To!

*  I could, of course, change doctors rather than pay this annual fee.  The problem is that the provider I see, is the best one I have ever seen (and believe me, over 67 years you see a LOT of providers!!).  I could try to find another provider as good, but .... I. Don't. Want. To!

*Everything is getting more costly everywhere you go!  It makes no difference if you are purchasing food, clothes, gas, services, entertainment, or whatever.  It costs more and more and more.  There is no choice other than to reduce spending, .... I. Don't. Want. To!

Over all it has put me in a very bad mood.  I am not able to do anything about any of it, I realize this.  Still every time I end up having to spend more for less, I just can't help it,  .... I. Don't. Want. To!


  1. I. don't. want. to. either....Gee...that medical home fee is awful....I wonder if it is a sign of what is to come for everyone. I heard about the huge pay increase to insurance companies for smokers....somebody is getting rich someplace.

  2. I didn't vote for this...and I couldn't stop what I knew would happen. What did anyone expect would happen?! of course everything will be a lot more expensive, how could it possibly not be?! whee is the cash going to come from to pay for everything? they already just printed more money. and it is only the beginning...


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