Monday, January 21, 2013

"Hail to the Chief"

Barack Obama, giving his oath of office as
the 44th President of the United States.

No matter what your politics, faith, lifestyle, or education, this, the President's second Inaugural Speech, was given from the heart and deserves to be heard by every American.  In fact, not just Americans, but all people of the world, for President Obama articulated what America represents, what she strives to be,and the hopes for the future whereby the precepts laid out by the Founding Fathers over 200 years ago are still viable and more important than ever in the world of 2013.

The speech was beautifully spoken, beautifully is a speech to rank high on the list of inspiring words that other leaders of this country have written in the history of our great land.  
We must all help, not hinder!  Let our President's words inspire YOU!


  1. It was the perfect speech and I know these words are what he truly believes. I am so proud he is our President.

  2. Critics will have a hard time picking it apart....

  3. Hey Mellodee,
    I just happened to glance over to your profile and saw that you are an actor and director. I guess I never realized that. I knew you were a singer and loved music. Do you still act and direct? I love theater. Mine has mostly revolved around dance but when I lived in Minneapolis, I belonged to a little theater group. I had a few minor parts but realized I'd rather work behind the scenes. The same with dance. I love to choreograph and teach but I'll let someone else take the curtain calls. Last week, my daughter and I went to a ballet. There's an excellent teacher here and many come to study with her. I have barres in my house so I'm giving ballet practice a whirl again, too. I've let myself get stiff with all the moving and disruptions in my life.
    You are an interesting woman and appreciate the arts.
    You take care. Peace

  4. thanks i'll have to check it out . i noticed pictures of him actually smiling this week!


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