Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Magic Moments"

Most of us have things in our lives that make us really happy.  Some of those moments are BIG THINGS, like weddings, new babies, a great job, any kind of major triumph.  But those things, although wonderful, are usually infrequent and can change your life and don't happen without thought, effort, and even planning..  There are, however, other things that come in much smaller dosages of happy, they are more just "Magic Moments" that can happen out of the blue and put you on top of the world for a while.  Here are some of mine.  Love when these happen!!

1.  Finding an unread book by a favorite author when you thought you had read everything the author ever wrote....Literary Bliss!

2.  Hugs from your granddaughter....Instant Bliss!

3.  Putting a great outfit together and knowing you look sensational....Fashion Bliss!

4.  Unexpectedly hearing from and old friend....Warm and Fuzzy Bliss!

5.  Finding money stuffed in the pocket of something you haven't worn in ages....Fiscal Bliss!

6.  Having a large glass of perfectly sweetened, icy cold tea when you are really thirsty....Salivary Bliss!

7.  Getting all of your Christmas things out and in place.....Holiday Bliss!

8.  Finally getting all of your Christmas things packed up and put away for another year....Organizational Bliss!

9.  Seeing a live theater production that is absolutely flawless....Dramatic Bliss!  (This has only happened once in my life;  Les Miserable)

10.  Having a meal that is so good you want to lick the plate....Gastronomic Bliss!

11.  Finally unpacking a box from your last move and finding a treasure you thought was gone forever....Emotional Bliss!

12.  Getting a really good pedicure from a great manicurist....Tootsie Bliss!

13.  Meeting someone and knowing instantly you will become best friends....Companionship Bliss!

14.  A quiet, peaceful evening after a very long, busy, and productive day....Satisfaction Bliss!

15.  Watching a favorite movie that still makes you laugh, and cry, and feel good even though you've seen it five times....Entertainment Bliss!

16.  Writing a blog entry that just flows without struggle (like this one!)....Creative Bliss!

So how about you, what are your "Magic Moments"?


  1. Finding a warm McDonald's French fry that had fallen out of the little serving bag into the brown bag after you had quickly gobbled up all the fries - pure joy

  2. Having one of your children (adult version) give you a spontaneous hug and say "I love you, Dad." Emotional bliss!
    The perfect cup of coffee. Just plain bliss!

  3. Mellodee,
    I was here yesterday but I had an appointment and looked at the clock and had to rush off.

    Great post. I agree with all your magic moments. What more can I add? You're the greatest.

  4. A brand new sharpie pen...creative bliss. :)

  5. having a coupon for something already on sale or clearance...


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