Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Bits and Pieces" (ad infinitum)

*****  I am a terrible person!  And an even worse Grandmother!  Tonight M-t-G is playing in the 2nd game of the softball league's playoff tournament.  For the second night in a row, I will not be there.  I went to every game of her season.  They lost all but one (the last regular game).  Last night they lost and if they lose tonight that will be the end of the season for them.  My absence has nothing to do with whether they are a winning team or not.  She has played softball for at least two and a half years, both fall and spring.  Except for the very first team she was on, her teams have usually lost more than they've won, still I've been to almost all of the games.  But now in the homestretch (I know, I know --- mixed metaphors!), I am choosing to stay home. 

I'm embarrassed to tell you why.  (Big breath)  It was very cold here last night and it is predicted to be even colder tonight (a low of 39F).  The very idea of sitting for an hour and a half on cold, uncomfortable, windy, unprotected bleachers next to open, unprotected field on a cold and windy night makes me just cringe!  I can't deal with cold anymore.  All the layering in the world never has done anything to help when I get cold.  I hate it.  Truly!!  I'm sorry M-t-G, but your Grammy's a wuss and I'm sorry for letting you down.  I promise I'll attend every indoor function you are ever involved with, and if you play again in the spring, I'll be there just like always....but don't count on me when it gets cold, I'll be hibernating inside where its warm!

****I am glad this round of elections is over.  Politics and government in general are not the most pleasant of topics during this era of economic and political upheaval.  It's been my impression over my lifetime, that no matter who gets elected, some people will be unhappy and will feel free to let the rest of us know they are not responsible for whatever terrible thing comes about due to the incumbents!  Same song, different verse!

The thing that upset me the most this time, had nothing to do with any single candidates particular campaigning strategy.  I'm pretty much ticked off at all of them.  Who ever came up with the idea of phone calls of recorded political endorsements.  Who believes that I (or anyone) would be willing to sit and listen to a machine telling them how to vote???  I feel the pretty much the same way about TV political ads, but since I don't watch TV, that's not so much of an issue for me.  But a recorded message in a phone call???   If someone wants my vote, call me, talk to me, ask for my vote, DON'T make a recorded message to interrupt my life ten times a day for two straight weeks or longer!!!  I hang up on recorded messages!  Always!  Even when it's supposedly from former President Bill Clinton!   

*****No one I have ever asked, can tell me why when architects, designers, and builders plan and build houses, they only put ONE electrical socket in bathrooms.  Just one!  If I have a hair dryer, curling iron, and heater that I wish to use, I cannot use them at the same time.  Even if I could put in a multi-tap, all of those appliances at once will overload the circuit and blow a fuse!!  Not only is there only one, it is usually sitting right next to the sink with very little countertop to keep things from falling into said sink.  Has no one ever told them that water and electricity are NOT good neighbors?  Some times the lack of common sense in standard practices astounds me!

****I don't get many emails anymore.  I guess between social networking, blogging, texting, twittering, and whatever else is coming along, email is no longer the communication tool of choice for much of anyone.  That's a real shame.  I like email.  Its quick, its easy, its functional, its universal.  I still use emails for more personal messages, or sending photos, and some other types of communications, but I no longer get the plethora of jokes, funny photos, simple communications between friends except a few.  Despite this reduction of emails I care about, I still receive on the order of 50 emails a day.  Sometimes more!  So who is writing to me?  Everyone who wants to sell me something, everyone who wants to con me or scam me, every one who belongs to an organization that wants me to join, every game site I've ever played, every group whose website I've ever accessed, every catalog I've ever looked at, every company from whom I purchase something, every individual who has the perfect answer to all my problems, no matter what they are!  Well, even tho my friends don't write much anymore, I guess it's nice to know somebody wants me!

****I have often read about couples who have "honey-do" lists of projects or chores one or another of the home's occupants need to accomplish.  All kinds of things can end up on these lists and I guess the majority of things get done.  Hhmmpf!  If I tried that, all I'd end up with is a "honey-didn't" list!   :D

****How come that the temperature you set your thermostat on for summer can feel too cold, but that very same temperature set for winter will feel too hot? 

****Congratulations to my nephew on his recent completion of his degree.  It has something to do with computers, but I'm not clear on what exactly.  Nonetheless, he's finished and can now join the ranks of those who get to string a bunch of letters after their name!!   :)    Mazel Tov! 


  1. You shouldn't feel bad about not wanting to stand (or sit) for hours in the cold!!

    I agree with you on the politics!

  2. Hi, I had to quit going to my grandson's football games for the same reason as you and he turned out OK.:) Like you I am sick of politicians. This was the worst campaigning ever. Glad it is we will have to listen to whining and complaining and nothing will change for the good of our country.Still ..I am happy to live in the U.S.A. I think facebook took the place of e-mail. I get facebook updates of who left me a message and reminders for church and the art guild plus adds and not much else. Like you I also wonder about the room settings. Have a good weekend Mellodee. I will be back to visit soon. Dee

  3. I hate the cold too!! Don't feel bad ....there are tons of gramdmas around the world not going to outside events in the cold:)

  4. Oh dear, I would have been skipping the games too! Being cold tops my list of unbearably unpleasant things. In fact, I think being cold ranks above going to the dentist. I just don't do cold very well. We're experiencing a cold front right now and our lows for the next few nights are in the 40's. Brrrrrrr!

    My mom and I think we've figured out the age old question of why one bathroom outlet???... it's because men are usually the architects and home builders. They've never had the hairdryer/curling iron dilemma. Coincidentally, this is the same reason someone can't enter her kitchen through the exterior door from the garage when she's cooking and has the oven door open. ;)

  5. Hi Brandi, Thank you for clearing-up the outlet thing. I have absolutely no doubt that you are correct! It also probably explains why the stalls in public Ladies' Rooms are generally too few and way too small. My elbow continuously bang into the sides of the stall when I am trying to readjust my clothing!! Okay, next house I buy, will have a FEMALE architect! Let the garage be short of outlets for a change! LOL!

    Dee, Gayle, and Brandi, Kindred Spirits!!! Whoo Hoo! I rarely run into other people who hate being cold as much as I do. I'm the only one in my whole circle of family and acquaintances, who has that problem. It is truly nice to know there are others out there like me! Be sure you bundle up outside!

    Thanks for commenting!


  6. Regarding the cold games, I had the opposite experience with my son. He played "Winter" baseball in Tucson in September! I remember sitting at games when it was 112 outside. Some kids were throwing up from the heat! I told him that was the last time he could join that league.

    As for bathrooms, one of your commenters hit it on the head. When pretty much anything is designed with a lack of functionality, you can blame a man!


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