Thursday, November 18, 2010

"I Should Have Stayed in Bed"

Almost anyone who knows me as an adult, would tell you that I am a very "put together" kind of dresser.  When I was still working, I pretty much always looked at least good or better, because I wouldn't wear something unless it all worked together.  Colors/styles/prints, whatever, it all had to look right or I wouldn't wear it.  Rarely did I actually wear an outfit that didn't make the cut.  People told me what pretty clothes I had and how nice I looked all the time.  Unsolicited, too!!  :)  So, what in the name of all that is fashionable, happened to me this week???

[You can blame Blogger (darn them) that I cannot post the photos that prove what I am about to tell you.  Trust me, tho, it happened.]

Monday is the day I take M-t-G to her violin lesson.  I had done a couple of errands before I picked her up at her school, took her to the lesson, had dinner together in a restaurant, and took her home where I talked with Ratchlet for a few minutes before I went home.  I had not gone home in between, so I still had on the clothes I wore when I left the house.  I was gone for a total of nearly 6 hours. 

When I arrived home, I checked email, looked at a few blogs, etc. But just generally sat around for a couple of hours.  I decided to changed out of my shoes and into slippers because my tootsies were chilly. 

I went to the closet, stepped out of one brown shoe and slipped into the slipper.  Then I noticed that in addition to the brown right shoe that I had just removed, the brown left shoe was already there.  What?  I still had on a left shoe, didn't I??  I looked down and sure enough on my left foot was a shoe....a BLACK shoe, not BROWN, BLACK.  I had been all around town wearing two different shoes!!!!  They weren't even the same shoe!  One smooth leather, one kind cut high on the foot, the other was a heel, the other more of a wedge!  The only way they were alike was that they were both slip-ons  and were the same heel height!

Either nobody noticed (I hope) or everybody noticed and they were hysterically laughing behind me.  I never noticed!  Completely and totally unlike me!  AACCCKKK!

Then today when I got home after my errands, I visited the loo (its always the first thing I do!  Prioritizing at its most basic!)   Looking down I saw as I was pulling up my brown pants which I wore with brown shoes and a pair of....BLUE socks!!  Oh my God; again?  What is the matter with me?  Can color blindness develop in later life???   That's it, tomorrow I start a fashion checklist before leaving the house! 

All in all, "I Should Have Stayed in Bed" all week!


  1. So funny!! My sister in law did this once but they were the same kind of shoe.

  2. I think somebody was a little distracted when she got dressed today.

  3. You always DID look great at work! I still remember the day that I got to work and, while walking in, discovered I had on navy nylons with a black skirt and black shoes. Stayed in my office pretty much all day!


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