Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Plant a Radish"

Everyone has heard of Couch Potatoes.  The term brings to mind a bland and boring lump of a person who does nothing, accomplishes nothing, and is pretty much brain dead.  Well, I have realized that I am a Computer Cauliflower!  A close relative of the Couch Potato, with many similar traits especially in the "does nothing" area, the Computer Cauliflower is addicted to the electronic world on the monitor.

Computer Cauliflowers sit in front of the computer for an inordinate amount of time every day.  It is their "drug" of choice for most days.  Although I am loath to admit it, that's what I do some days.  I check-in with Facebook, read the current news, catch the newest editorial cartoons, play on-line games, surf the Net, read my (dwindling) emails, and I blog.  There are many other things I could should be doing, but it is far easier for me to take the path of least resistance and I find myself in front of the computer more often than not.  So, like it or not I am a Computer Cauliflower.

I comfort myself with the thought that I am exercising my brain.  Learning new things, "meeting" friends, stimulating brain activity to keep me alert and interested.  The Internet is a great resource and it doesn't require a whole lot of energy,  just the ticket for a basically lazy, mature woman!

As for what makes it a "Computer Cauliflower" (as opposed to a "rutabaga" or an "artichoke"), is related to the shape of it.  A cauliflower is a cerebral-looking veggie!  Seriously, just think about a head of cauliflower for a minute....

(By the way, that's not me!)
See what I mean??  It looks just like a brain!  Don't you think so?  It's the right size and shape and it has all those creases and crevices, just like a brain!  So when it looks like I am just vegetating (pun intended!) in front of the computer, in truth, I am fertilizing my Cauliflower!  How bad can that be??

Oh, and just what does "Plant a Radish" have to do with any of this?  Well, actually, absolutely nothing, but its the only song title I know of that has a vegetable in it!  Hey!  Sometimes you've just got to work with what you've got, ya know?   :D


  1. Hey!! Me too!! I'd rather play around here on my computer than clean or watch TV (except maybe when NCIS is on).

  2. I'm a computer cauliflower too!!! I Do have to stop spending so much time on the computer. Lately all I do is....check facebook, check email, check blogs, throw clothes in the washer, then start all over again on the computer. Christmas is coming and with that, decorating, cleaning and cooking. I think I'm going to have to take the laptop and but it away!! Great post!! My new name Cauliflower Gayle:)

  3. I've been trying to wean myself from the computer so I can actually get something done! But it's hard.

    However, being a couch potato is one of my favorite things to do. Always has been. Give me a comfortable place to sit, and a good book or a black and white movie and I'm in heaven.

  4. Oh boy, you definitely described me. Note sure whether it's worse to be a C.P. or a C.C., but I KNOW both of those inactivities make my butt bigger! laurie

  5. A...brain? LOL Now I will never cut up a califlower again without thinking of that! Funny!

  6. Wellll...I am glad you are fertilizing your land would be boring with out you.:)

  7. Oh, that's why I'm on the computer so much? Because I'm SMART? Okay, if you say so! ;-)


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