Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"A - You're Adorable" -- 2010

I stole this idea from my fried c. beth, last year.  I really enjoyed doing it too.  In looking at last year's list, I am still grateful for most of the items on that list! But it's time for a new list!  Amazingly enough, I actually remembered in time to do it again this year!  That's right!  It is the

Second Annual Alphabetical List of
Things I Am Grateful for this Thanksgiving Season
(Whoo Hoo!!)

A - I 'm grateful for the warm and wonderful colors of AUTUMN!

B - BLOGGING!!!  It has captivate me more than I would ever have imagined!

C - My simple, dependable, no apps, 12-year-old CELL PHONE!

D - Every single DOLLAR that comes into this house, even if they do turn around and fly right out again!

 E - ELEPHANTS, just because I like them!

F - I am grateful for all of the different types of FREEDOM I have! 

 G - I am sooo grateful for my mix of GENES that have kept me healthy to my complete surprise!

H - I'm grateful that HUMOR exists in our world.  Life would be so dreary without it!

 I - ITALIAN food, 'nuff said.

 J - I am grateful for the smell of JASMINE.

 K - I am grateful I can spell KITCHEN, but that's about all I'm willing to do with one!

 L - I am enormously grateful for the LOVE I have both given and received.

 M - I am grateful for MEMORY which allows us to re-live wonderful moments and precious times that will never happen again.

N - I am grateful for well-written NOVELS.  

O - I am grateful beyond measure that I've had wonderful experiences ON-STAGE.

P - I am grateful to whoever put PEACHES and PIE together!

 Q - I'm glad that QUIET doesn't bother me.

R - I'm glad to be RIGHT-HANDED.  Left-handers seem to struggle so.

 S - I am grateful for my SISTER (even tho she doesn't visit, rarely calls, and doesn't like to "share")  :)

 T - I am grateful there is a national holiday for giving THANKS!  Remarkable, isn't it?

 U -  I'm grateful that U-TURNS are legal in Texas.

 V - VISION!!  After my cataract surgery, I am grateful every day that I can see!

 W - I am grateful English has so many wonderful WORDS, makes you wonder why so few people can use them

 X -   Grateful for the word XANADU, because it's the only "X" word I could come up with!!   :D

 Y -  I'm grateful for every single one of my YESTERDAYS.

 Z -  I am deeply grateful that there are no such things as ZOMBIES!

Well, there you have it! This year's 26 Things that I am grateful for.  How about you??  What are you grateful for?

I'm also GRATEFUL for each person who stops my to read, especially those that leave a COMMENT and I am glad that I can wish you ALL the loveliest of holidays.



  1. Wow! That took some thought! I'm thankful to be retired so I can have today off to start cooking without needing to ask permission!

  2. Hi, I am thankful to have you as a new blogger friend Mellodee visitng you blog puts a sparkle in my day. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. :) Dee


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