Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Cappella #1

The description of this blog in the header is pretty much the story of my life.  Probably about 75% of the time, there is one song or another running through my mind.  The songs are rarely in response to anything I am doing or thinking about, just some random melody that wanders in, sits down, and hangs around for awhile.  Sometimes the same song lingers for a day or two and I am surprised to realize that I have been humming the same song for multiple days.  I don't seem to have much control over what songs visit either.  If I make a conscious effort to switch to a different song to drive out the one that has outstayed its welcome, it works for a bit but before long I realize that the song I woke up with is back!

This goes on most every day.  Sometime during the day I will realize that some random song has taken up residence and I am, once again, humming out loud.  It drives Mikey straight up the wall!  I assume everybody around me is aware of it, but most of the time, they don't say a word.

(Anyone who knows me who is reading this, I'm sorry if my humming bothers you.  More often than not, I'm not even aware I doing it!!)

I guess it doesn't bother me too much because music has always been such a big part of my life.  It's sort of like having my own sound track, just this low key background music underlying every scene.  In fact, it surprises me that it doesn't happen to everyone!  What do people do in all that quiet????

Anyway, when I first thought about starting this blog, I had no grand plan in mind.  What did I know about blogging?  I was just making it up as I went along.  "Mellodee" is sort of my nickname for myself (it's a long story).  So when I decided it was a go, the name Mellodee Musings.... seemed a no brainer.  That very first posting way back then (306 posts ago!) was sort of an introduction.  As I was writing it, the song "It's Not Where You Start It's Where You Finish" popped into my brain and the posting just sort of followed along that theme (you can go here:  http://mellodeemusings.blogspot.com/2009/07/its-not-where-you-start.html
to see what I wrote during that first post.)

I thought the idea of naming my postings with appropriate song titles would be fun and kind of clever (Oh God, if I only had an ego!!)  So that's what I did!  I've always said there's a song for every occasion, so it should be a snap, right?  Once I had an idea for a topic to write about, the first step was coming up with the right song title.  Now I know a lot of songs, but I surely don't know EVERY song ever written!!  There are  hundreds of thousands of songs out there; some are very well known and others so obscure NO ONE has ever heard them!  I made it my rule that I could use any title of an actual published song.  That seemed like it would give me nearly endless resources.  I was on my way!  "Mellodee Musings....the Music that Meanders through My Mind" was born!

So for the last 19 months and 306 postings, the vast majority of the postings have been named with song titles.  (Just to clarify, the posting doesn't have anything to do with the actual song, it's just the title which ties in to what I'm writing about....and sometimes it's a real stretch!)

HOWEVER (dunh dunh dunh), sometimes it's a real pain in the derriere to find a song title that works!  There are several websites that list song titles and I peruse them whenever I can't think of a song to use.  Even so, there are times I just cannot find a title that would work!  The end result is that I DON'T WRITE THE POST!!  It's frustrating and annoying and then I am sorry I ever started the pattern!  But I still like using song titles....mostly! 

Sooooo, for the times when nothing appropriate comes to mind, I have come up with a solution!!!   (Yay me!)  I will continue to use song titles wherever and whenever possible....but when I can't come up with a song title, I will "sing" A CAPPELLA!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with music and singing, one of the basic definitions of a cappella is "without musical accompaniment."  How perfect is that??  A post titled a capella, means that there is no appropriate song title that I can find, but I'm going to write anyway! 

I realize that I am making WAY TOO MUCH of this whole thing.  The reality is that NO ONE has EVER commented on my song title post titles! (I find that a bit surprising to tell you the truth.)  I don't know if that means nobody likes them, or that nobody cares, or that nobody ever even noticed! 

Nevertheless, I am committed to it, because when it works it works REALLY well....and if it isn't working, I'll just go a cappella! 


  1. Ha ha...sounds like a plan. :) I am going to have to pay attention to your titles now that I know the secret!

  2. I have, on occasion, picked up on a song in your blog posts, but I'm usually so eager to get to the commentary that I don't linger on it long. "A Capella" is a great idea, because you definitely should not hesitate to post about something just because you can't come up with a song for the title. (And, I do get songs in my head for days at a time - it often drives ME crazy!) laurie


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