Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Following Me Around"

Sometime before midnight tonight, I will most likely hit the 3,000 visits mark!  3,000 different times over the last 19 months or so, someone has spent a few moments of their day visiting Mellodee Musings....!  How humbling!!  That's a lot of visits (and they are not all my daughter or my sister either!)  Complete strangers stop, read, sometimes comment, sometimes become followers!    Isn't that amazing?  Of course, sometimes they barely stop long enough to read the title, and they never come back again, but that's okay! 

I have a pretty loyal following with lots and lots of repeat visits.   (The actual definition of lots and lots is 3,000 as a matter of fact!)  There are 33 people who have signed up to follow me!  Yes, it's true, a big bunch of people are willingly "Following Me Around".  How about that? 

I know there are other people who stop by who are not listed as followers, even though they visit pretty regularly (like Ratchlet and Little Sis!  Hey you two, you don't have to be a blog writer in order to sign up as a follower!!)  I never thought I'd get more than five or six and here I am at 33!!   I dream of breaking 50!
Anyhow,  it mystifies me how this came about!  I love writing the blog, but I never expected much of anybody else would like to read it!  Isn't it a good thing I never tried to earn my living as a fortune teller? 

But whether I understand it or not, WOW!  3,000 visits!!  Thanks to each and every one of you for your comments, your laughter, your sympathies at times, and your interest!  I love having you all come to visit.  Thanks and do come again and bring your friends!!

(Hmmmm, I'd better go check and make sure I have enough refreshments!)


  1. Okay - I don't know how I managed this, but I'm visitor number 3,000! Yay me!!! Congrats on an awesome blog!!

  2. It's because your blog is so much fun to read. I keep coming back because I need a smile or a laugh and most of the time I can count on you! Thanks, and keep on writing!

  3. Blogging is amazing, no? Don't you sometimes wonder who these readers are? It's crazy that complete strangers follow one's everyday life day after day. So cool.

  4. I think all bloggers start out thinking that maybe a family member will visit leave a comment now and then. I know my blogging would never have lasted this long had it not been for visitors. You and others are who keep me blogging. I love to come read what you have to say. You are so clever and entertaining. Not surprised that you've had 3,000 visitors. laurie

  5. I admire your ability to write so often! When I started my blog, I wrote every couple of days. Now I can't seem to think of anything worthy of one paragraph, let alone a blog!


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