Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Things I Couldn't Say" (aka Dear So and So....)

Dear So and So...

To All individuals involved in the discovery, drilling, refining, transporting, and sale of oil, petroleum and gasoline,

On Tuesday in my part of Austin, the  most common price for regular, lead-free gasoline was $2.99 per gallon.  On Wednesday the most common price for regular, lead-free gasoline had risen to $3.09 per gallon.  Today that same product sold for $3.19 a gallon.  In case you aren't too good with math, that is an increase of $.20 a gallon which doesn't really convey how outrageous the increase actually is.  After all a fill of 15 gallons (which is what my fills usually are) only costs $3.00 more. 

However, when you look at percentage increase, that means that plain old regular gas price has risen 6.5% in two days!!  (I think, I'm not too good with math either!)

Do you plan to continue raising gas prices at this same rate for the foreseeable future?  At that rate I will not be able to afford to fill my tank by next Tuesday.  Please let me know your plans as soon as possible.  I have a couple of errands I should take care of before I become housebound!! 

Outraged Auto-dependent Mel


Dear Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Co. (Wherever You Are),

I have been wearing your petite jeans for years.  They fit me far better than any other manufacturer.  Up until the last year or so, I have been perfectly satisfied with the garments you produced.  Within the last year, suddenly I have several pairs which have begun to pucker and wrinkle in front about 4 inches below the waist.  This occurs only in light colored jeans.  Once the puckering begins, it remains there permanently and I can't do anything about it!  I can no longer wear the jeans because it looks just awful.

Last week I went on-line to try to locate a way to contact your customer service in the hopes I could get some assistance with this problem (perhaps the washing instructions have changed or I'm doing something wrong when I launder the jeans.)

Imagine my surprise when after a reasonably long time searching I was UNABLE to find a company website or a phone number to reach your company.  The search only would direct me to retailers who sell Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans.  There is no means of contacting you as the manufacturer.  Do you have a website?  If not, why not? Are you hiding from your loyal customers??  Why??  Sounds like a guilty conscience to me! 

Ticked off Mel


To Whom It May Concern,

I'm not sure who is actually at fault for this, (in fact, it's probably another one of those situations where there is no SINGLE responsible party) however,  I would like to express my STRONG disappointment and dissatisfaction with all the meddling you people are doing into the food industry, particularly in relation to the use of the dreaded trans fats issue.  Since the time when restaurants and food producers have been forced to eliminate the use of trans fats, I have not had a decent french fry, potato chip, cracker, or tortilla chip.  They are completely tasteless and awful.  I am an adult woman with sort of average eating habits.  I am not grossly overweight, my cholesterol is good, and I am bright enough to know the difference between eating fried foods ALL THE TIME and having a few chips with my sandwich.  

Would you all please get your noses out of my plate!!  And put the trans fats back or else find something that doesn't make my food taste like cardboard!  Life just ain't worth living without good potato chips!!




I love my Kindle, really I do!  It is so much easier to carry around than an actual book.  I find it easy to navigate, easy to read from, and it is easy to never be without something to read!  It's cool and one gadget I am thrilled to own.

However, the free "books" that you have available are, for the most part, disappointing.  Much of the fiction  offered there is either poorly written, or a short story or novella, or a "classic" that was written a hundred years ago (I read most of them a hundred years ago too!)  I have also discovered that much of the "women's fiction" offered for free are Christian books (though not identified as such).  I am not interested in "Christian" books as they are usually bland, predictable, and uninteresting to me.  Couldn't you please identify them upfront??

Because I read so much and so quickly I go through a book in a day or two, in order to read books that are new to me, I have to purchase them.  It shouldn't surprise me that the publishers set the prices, but it didn't sink in ahead of time that the Kindle's purpose is to increase book sales.  I keep forgetting that just about everything in the world is driven by the anticipation of profit! 

Now if the public libraries would offer ebooks the same way they offer regular books....for free....then I could read what I want to read rather than just drivel because that's what is  free!

Just never happy,


Dear Kat,

It was your birthday this week!  Happy Birthday!!  I hope it was filled with all the things and people that you love!!


OK, bloggers, now go on over to the Dear So and So home at 3 Bedroom Bungalow to Let in Crazytown!  This is Kat's birthday so she may not actually be doing a Dear So and So, I'm not sure.  Go on over anyway and give birthday wishes to Kat!  She and her kids live in England with her military hubby and are far away from home.  Nobody should spend their birthday far from home!! Tell 'her Mellodee sent you!


  1. The e-book from a public library is on the way. I have read about it a few times. When that happens, I will get a Kindle, too. I read about a book every other day, so trips to my local library are frequent. I reserve some of the new ones. I think right now I am #15 on the list for Patterson's new one. But there are lots of others to choose from in the meantime. Of course, living in a small town like mine and being only 4 blocks from the library is an advantage!


  2. Wow! I keep waiting for you to write something I disagree with and you never do!
    What a joy your blog is. far as I am concerned you are NOT always "just never happy!" You are always "up" when you visit me... :)
    and...I will hop over and wish your friend a Happy Birthday! How sweet of you to do that!

  3. Your dear so and so would make an awesome blog on it's own. You made me laugh out loud... love it!

  4. A funny post. Loved it. Petite jeans??? WOW. Good for you.

  5. Oh Mellodee, thank you for all of the laughs you provide! You have such insight and write with such humor! I love coming to read your "Dear So-and-So's"! laurie


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