Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Bits and Pieces"

There are some loose ends to clear up.  So here are some little bits of this and a few pieces of that.


You may recall I was in an accident about a week ago.  Just thought I would let you know that my wrist is fine.  It never did develop much more than a twinge now and then.  That's the good news.  There really isn't any bad news except that I miss my own car!  Driving a rental gets old real fast!  There isn't anything wrong with the rental exactly.  Just a few things that are annoying.  Like the car is a good two feet longer than my car.  It just barely fits in our garage!  No joke!  The car is black for another.  In Texas in the fall, it still gets pretty warm and the sun just keeps on shining.  A black car is not a good choice.  I can't even use my window shade thingy guessed's in my car which is having an extended vacation at the auto repair shop.  Sigh.  No idea what the repairs will finally cost nor how much longer it will be till it comes home.  It can't be soon enough!  I want my car!!


We still have had no appreciable amounts of rain.  We got about 2" a week or so ago, but nothing since.  They keep saying it might rain, but the chance is only around 30%.  Well, at least the 100+F days are gone.


The Big Guy and I finally put out our Halloween decorations on Sunday.  I was going to have M-t-G help me on Saturday but she ended up not staying over after all, so my waiting had been pointless.  It kind of funny though, we had all our trees and bushes trimmed a couple of weeks ago and now the same things that I put out last year, look a little puny because there is so much more open space now!
So off to Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and Walgreen's, I went.  It's still six days before Halloween and the stores' Halloween things are totally picked over and skimpy.  The stores have moved on to Thanksgiving and, yes, to Christmas.  It's getting as bad as buying clothes!  You have to get your stuff weeks and weeks before you actually need it.  That's a problem for me.  I don't get into the holiday mood weeks and weeks before!  Besides, you can usually get some great sales closer to the holiday.  The few things they had were 40-50% off, but there wasn't anything worth buying.

Never fear, the intrepid last minute shopper did what all good bargain hunters do.  I went to Goodwill!   I found two cute little ghost-y brooms, a totem pole-like stack of pumpkins that light up, and three cute little signs that say BOO!   They will help fill up the empty!   And it only cost me $8.00!  Don'tcha just love it?


It has occurred to me that buying books on the Kindle may just send me to the poor house!  (I don't think they have those anymore, come to think of it.)  Ok, so the Kindle may send me into bankruptcy a few dollars at a time!  It adds up, you know?  I looked at our Library's on-line section on downloadable books.  No relief there.  The didn't have more than about 50 books and most of those were travel guides!  Considering I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  That's pretty useless.  For the few other books, they include several old books no longer under copyright, but I've either read them or don't want to!  For the few books I might be interested in reading there are waiting lists.  Maybe it will improve over time, but as it stands now I won't be downloading anything from the Library any time soon.

I'll just have to try harder to find free books from Kindle and other sources.

Oh by the way, here in Austin, Goodwill has several free-standing book stores where they sell soft covers for $2.00 and most hardcovers for $4.00. That's a lot better than even Half-Priced Books!  (They also sell books in their regular stores too.)  Do their book stores exist in other parts of the country too?  If so, its a great resource for big (or even small)!  They have fiction, non-fiction, kids books, DVDs and some reference books.  The turnover seems good and while small little storefronts, they can have a lot of books in a small space!  There is one located right next to the entrance to our neighborhood!  I can grab a quick book either coming or going!  Cool!


That's it for now.  Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Sorry to hear of your accident... Glad you are doing well. Just think how great it will feel driving your own car when it is repaired!

    We don't have goodwill bookstores, we have a massive used book store where books are $1.

  2. Glad you are getting your car fixed, and I hope it will be the same when you get it back as it was before the accident. Often they aren't. You know, the automatic door locks don't work, etc. Let the repair guys know soon if things are right, as I know you will.
    I sure didn't know that Goodwill had bookstores. I don't have a Goodwill nearby, but I will check this out next time I'm in the city.
    Take care, my friend. Glad everything is going better for you and that your wrist wasn't seriously injured.

  3. So sorry to hear you had an accident, but glad you weren't seriously injured. I hate driving an unfamiliar car. When it begins to rain, I can't find the switch for the wipers, and when I stop for gas, I don't know where the switch is to pop open the tank compartment. Sounds like you got some fabulous deals at your GW. Have a great weekend. laurie

  4. Glad you're healing from the accident! As for the Kindle, I buy books constantly. It has become an addiction - and one that I have no intention of giving up! Just be careful about the free or .99cent books. I've tried a few of those and they have been pretty bad. Or overly religious.

    I wait for books to get into paperback. Also, my primary gift request for birthday and holidays is Amazon gift cards. Then I go wild!!


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