Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"A Cappella"

This has been an interesting day. 

Because we are....uhhh....completely out of shape old, and just the  tiniest bit....uhhh.....lazy unmotivated, we have sort of let our yard get....uhhh....totally out of hand slightly overgrown for the last....uhhhh....almost eleven few years.  It wasn't intentional exactly but even with the on-again-off-again drought and an almost complete lack of attention the darned trees and bushes and shrubs just kept on growing! 

So we finally couldn't take it anymore and knew we would never manage to get ourselves out there to do what was needed, we hired a tree and landscaping service to trim, trim, trim!  And then trim some more!  The owner of the service (who is suffering from the economy and lack of work because of the drought) offered us a really great deal and we jumped on it.

It took 2-3 guys three half-days to fill up their 10' trailer completely three times with branches and brush.  We have a goodly number of trees on the property (about1/3 acre).  I think it is about 18 or 20.  And more bushes and shrubs than I can count from memory. 

Those guys worked like Trojans (not THAT kind of Trojan...sheesh!) to get it all done, loaded, cleaned up, and carted away. but it looks wonderful!!  Nothing is scraping the roof anymore, you can actually see all of the sidewalks. and our house no longer looks like Tarzan's second home!

They did a great job and several neighbors complimented us on how good it looks.  A few even talked to the owner to have some work done in their yards.  So it was a real win-win situation. 

In the process of talking to several of the neighbors (which rarely happens around here), I met the new little dog that has moved in across the street.  Such a cutie you wouldn't believe!  It is the offspring of a Shit-zu mix and a Toy Poodle and is referred to as a "Teddy Bear".  About the size of a fully grown tea-cup poodle, but very fluffy, she was nestled between the  neighbors feet as we chatted and she was shorter than the  owner's foot!  So adorable! 

Of course, I had no access to a camera to record either of these activities.

So after everything settled down and got back to normal, I went off to do some stuff.  Had a nice lunch at Chili's (have you had their chicken enchilada soup?  Delicious!!)  I got back in my car to drive to another section of the shopping area.  I stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways, saw it was clear, was nearly across the 4-lane road when BAM!  I got hit on the left side of the car by someone I had not seen!  I looked I swear, but I thought it was clear.  Either way, she hit my car at about the front wheel well and push me about five feet to the right.  This the first major accident I have ever had and I have been driving nearly every day for at least 43 or 44 years!!  

I don't believe she even tried to stop or avoid hitting me!  There were no skid marks, no horn, I heard no brakes squealing, just BAM!

I am fine.  She is fine.  Our cars are not!  Neither one is drivable.   My cute little Kia is all smashed on the right front side.  Her car appeared to have about twice the damage mine did.  We called the police (well, she called because, of course, my cell phone was dead!)   He was very nice and helpful.  Except for the part where he gave me the ticket!  In the state of Texas who hits who is not the criteria for responsibility. it is who has the right of way.  And she had the right of way and I got the ticket! 

I mentioned that I neither saw nor heard and evidence of her trying to stop, slow, or swerve, just BAM!  The officer told me that in Texas, the driver who has the right of way is NOT OBLIGATED TO EVEN TRY TO STOP!!  WHAT???

I am not going to argue the ticket, I obviously did not look closely enough for traffic from that direction, I shouldn't have been there.  My fault.  I get that. 

But not even trying to avoid the accident??  That just seems ridiculous to me.  Suppose my car had broken down in that spot, would she have been free to smash into me then, just because she had the right of way???  Absurd!  "Oh, it's okay to run over the kid who darts out in the street, after all, you had the right of way!"  That is outrageous. 

I was looking straight ahead while I was crossing the intersection and I was about 2/3 of the way across the street when she smashed directly into me.  It's bad enough that I didn't see her approaching, but either she was distracted (on the phone?? looking in her purse??  putting on make up??  I've seen people doing all of those things  and more while driving)  or she seriously needs to have her vision checked or as I have suspected at other times, I have become invisible!!

There is no other possibility.  I was directly in her path, how could she NOT see me??  Or maybe she just knew she had the right of way and figured I didn't matter!!

This morning was a lot more fun than this afternoon!  But hey, doesn't my yard look nice?


  1. Oh Mellodee, I am so sorry you got scrunched into. And the legalities are absurd as far as I'm concerned. But I do understand right-of-way. As far as pedestrians are concerned, at least in Indiana, they always have the right-of-way. Too bad, too, because that means those kids walking home from school think they have the right to walk across in front of traffic just anywhere. Even on the busiest thru-way in town. The right-of-way is for the marked crosswalks, not the middle of the block! Anyway, glad you weren't hurt. Is the Kia repairable, or will you have to resort to car shopping? Better days head!
    I passed a car on the 4-lane the other day where the lady driving it had coffee and a cigarette in one hand, a cell phone propped against her shoulder and was talking, smoking, drinking and driving all at the same time at 60 mph, with her child in a car seat in the back. Wow!

  2. Mell, I'm truly sorry about your accident. They happen so quickly... (guess that's why they are called accidents. I'm losing my peripheral vision so I drive as little as possible. My driving is a study in head turning so I don't miss anything. If I had one wish from the geni it would be for a chauffer. Sorry about your car, too.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I bet that was scary. I am SO glad you are okay. I guess this is what we have insurance for....

    I've done defensive driving courses in Texas a few times (twice online and once in person) and it was a nice alternative to the full ticket cost + the points on my insurance.

    I bet the yard looks great! :) I'm so glad Jason is the one who does our yard because I really really don't like yard work and I think the only other option to keeping up with it would be to hire someone, if he didn't do it.


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