Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Do You Know The Way To San Jose?"

If you ever want to ask me or the Big Guy, "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?"  (Or anywhere, actually), you need to know that the Big Guy and I appear to be speaking different languages when trying to explain how to get from Point A to Point B!!  Unless you ask the one who thinks the most like you, I can pretty much guarantee you will get lost. 

Mikey is a map, atlas, and explicit written directions kind of guy; for example:

A.     "Immediately turn left when leaving our driveway, drive at 30 mph for exactly 3.78 miles, make a right turn onto Magnolia Street at the corner of Whipple and Magnolia.  (Don't go as far as Tamarack Road.)  Stay in right hand lane, proceed 300 ft, to 123 Magnolia St, park in the lot to the south. entrance on Magnolia.  Take elevator to to second floor.   Enter 3rd door on the right next to stairwell.  This will be the Smith Company, Suite 3. Ask to speak to Mr. Smith, the CEO.  Their phone number is 555/555-1234.

Whereas I, on the other hand, just kind of wing it!  For instance:

B.  Head downtown.  Go to the corner where the old Dairy Queen was.  Turn right on the street with the dry cleaners.  Keep going till you see the 2 story pink building (or maybe it's salmon) on the left (or maybe it's on the right, don't remember).  Park.   It's upstairs on the right I think.  When you find the right office, ask for Joe!!

So you see what I mean?  When he gives me directions he gives me A.  When I give him directions I give him B. We have learned over the years, not to rely on each other's directions to get anywhere!  But one thing I know for sure, is that I get lost with his directions and he gets lost with mine!

Hmmmmm....maybe you'd better ask someone else, "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?"


  1. I like you a lot, but if I'm going to get directions...I want Mikey's! :) I somehow never know where landmarks are...I NEED street names.

  2. Well, I am a Mikey kind of guy. I rely on maps, atlas, and well written directions. If I don't have those, I tend to panic. On my driving trip to TX, I had well written instructions from my brother (who lives in TX), an atlas with the route marked in bright yellow highlighter, plus I printed out directions on map quest. I made it without any wrong turns, both going and coming. The only thing I didn't have was a warning about traffic in Little Rock. That is fodder for a blog sometime.

  3. I know how you'd really answer.... you'd just sing it..... I would. We both speak "song" so we'd know what we meant immediately. Ha



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