Thursday, October 27, 2011

"The Counting Song"

Another episode in my on-going collection of Things I Just Don't Get!  In no particular order, I don't understand why....

1.  Clothing manufacturers include extra buttons for clothes.....wouldn't it be cheaper and more efficient to sew the buttons on better in the first place?

2.  Junk mail still exists....they don't call it "junk" for nothing!

3.  Doughnut shops uniformly close by 2:00 p.m.....Are doughnuts even less healthy in the afternoon??

4.  Our expenses expand to match our income every time we get a "raise".....Couldn't we just coast for a little while?

5.  It's so easy for people to judge others' failings.....but soooo hard to recognize our own??  And even harder to fix them!

6.  Men's business clothes (i.e. suits) styles rarely change in any meaningful way (a suit is a suit is a suit).....and why don't they die of boredom wearing essentially the same thing day after day for most of their adult lives??

7.   Some young men and women are embracing stretched piercings for their earlobes.....have you seen them?  Don't you think that is just one big icky??

8.  Banks want to charge the account holder for using their own debit card....let's see that means we are paying to use our own money which we have allowed the bank to use for their own profit.  Isn't that essentially extortion???  Or at least immoral?  Certainly not nice!

9.  So many women's cardigan sweaters these days have 3/4 length, loose-fitting sleeves and don't button up....sweaters are for cool to cold weather, these latest designs sure don't provide much warmth!!

10. Many notorious assassins and serial killers are identified by three names....

John Wilkes Booth
Lee Harvey Oswald
James Earl Ray
John Wayne Gacy
Mark David Chapman
Jack the Ripper

LOL!  Sorry, I couldn't resist!!

And that's all she  I wrote!


  1. Nice post, Mel. And #7 for sure is icky. I saw a former student's senior pics the other day and she had these spacers in her ear lobes about the size of a silver dollar. Ugh! Don't you wonder what her grandchildren will say about that someday? It was just plain gross!

  2. Okay, the 3/4 length sleeve on sweaters...that bugs me too. If I'm cold, I want long sleeves. If I'm warm, I want short sleeves. If it's a nice day I might want 3/4 length sleeves but probably DON'T want the heaviness of a sweater.

    So...give me t-shirts or other lightweight short-sleeved/sleeveless shirts, 3/4 length-sleeved shirts that are lightweight, and long-sleeved sweaters, jackets, and coats! Just make sure they are more interesting than men's suits, and I'll be happy. ;)

  3. I SO agree with you about the new styled sweaters. What's the use in putting on a sweater if it's not going to keep you warm? Re the extra buttons. Mine go into a jar, and if I needed to replace one on an outfit, I'd never find the right one, so it's wasted on me. I always enjoy your take on life. laurie

  4. I like the 3/4 length sleeves. Since I'm a hot-flash maven, I need to be un-encumbered!


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