Saturday, October 29, 2011

"A Cappella"

Well, I'm not sure if it is going to happen on Friday or not till Saturday, but very soon, my blog will receive it's 5,000th visit!  The number of visits currently stands at 4995, so it will probably be Saturday.

How about that??  5,000 times some one (actually lots of someones) has chosen to come and visit "Mellodee Musings".  Sometimes they even stay long enough to read a few posts.  What an incredible number!

Thank you one and all for visiting. 

Those who read my stuff fairly regularly know that I don't do contests or giveaways.  At this moment I wish I did!  Because then I could reward my 5,000th visitor with something more tangible than "thank you".  Sadly, I don't own much of anything that I could imagine anyone would want!  I suppose I could try to resurrect an old head shot and give away an autographed photo of me.....from 15 years ago.  But somehow that doesn't seem like that hot an idea!  I don't make delightful crafty things. I don't even make un-delightful crafty things! I don't have anything I'm try to sell. I don't have advertisers or sponsors or the like who would offer gift certificates or samples.  So what I'm telling you here is that whoever makes the 5,000th visit, won't be getting a thing for it.... except possibly a big "Ta-Da"!

It doesn't mean that I am an ungrateful sod.  I am thrilled that people were interested in visiting so often.  I wish some of them would come again!

According to my stat counter, I have been blogging since July 2009.  In that time I have written 430 posts.  My blog has 52 people who say they are followers (although I have never had that many visits to any post!)   I have received a total of  1,352 comments on various posts.  But that means that 3,648 visits resulted in NO Comments about anything!!  If I were better with math, I could probably extrapolate all sorts of interesting statistical percentages showing how little activity my blog really gets.

All I know is that the most comments I have ever received on any single post has been 6.  Everybody knows that statistics are just numbers that can be manipulate a million ways so I'll try not to dwell on the difference between a visit that gets counted and a visitor that actually reads!

I love the people who come and read and comment regularly.  They are loyal, supportive, and complimentary.  They are friends.  A couple even visit and comment on nearly every post  Some others come regularly but never say a word....ever! And some visits are from folks who must land here accidentally because they don't stay long enough to read anything! 

So to those who visit, whether a follower, a lurker, a drop-in, or a mistake, thanks for coming!  And maybe if everybody who lands here actually read some  you might find out you like it!  And then we could become friends too!

And Mr/Ms #5,000, whoever you may be?    "TA-DA"  That 8x10 glossy signed by yours truly (that I won't really burden you with....I promise) could become a valuable collectible some day!   (Nah, probably not!)

Seriously, thank you everyone!   I hope you come back soon. 'Cuz believe it or not, I probably still have more to say!


  1. Oooh I hope it's me! There's a signed photo? Are you famous? I am half follower half lurker given that I don't always comment (but I do often read!) :))

  2. Great Post! Thanks for all you have to say. You brighten the day for this ol' retired slug who has little in his life for entertainment. Of course, that's no one's fault but mine!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm 5,005! :) Congratulations!

  4. I was hoping I'd walk through the 'door' and confetti would flutter all about me...then I realized I was 5009! Dang!

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.

  5. You are so cute. Congratulations on 5000 visitors. I never remember to check my stats (which I'm sure have dropped considerably since I'm posting less often). I did recently get an email from someone who told me she visits my blog every time I post but has never left a comment! I often forget that there are blog visitors who don't comment. Your posts are always so entertaining. If visitors read your posts, they'd come back for more. When I first started my blog, I got a comment from someone who said, please just post pictures; I don't want to have to read! laurie


Thanks so much for leaving a comment. It's really nice knowing what you think!! Besides, comments keep me from feeling like I'm here all by myself!! :)

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