Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues"


What is it with men?  Do they have absolutely no control over their libidos?  Nothing on their minds besides sex?  No awareness of right and wrong when it comes to physical gratifications??  No realization that no roll in the hay (no matter how good) is worth what it will cost them??  No regard for the pain it will create in the people they love??   Examples? (just off the top of my head) Clinton, Kennedy, Gingrich, Cain, Schwarzenegger, Sandusky, Thomas, Woods,   Just this little impromptu  list includes 2 Presidents, a former US Senator, a Governor, a high level industrialist, a nominee to the Supreme Court, a University Coach, and a Sports Icon! Every politician ever born??? . Every Catholic priest ever ordained?   And now, 11 members of the Secret Service and 5 of the military men assigned to assist them????   While they were on a mission to South America?   What the hell is wrong with them??? 

The Secret Service is the arm of U.S. government charged with protecting the President, the Vice President, former Presidents and all of their families.  Men and women trained and committed to that protection, even to the point of "taking a bullet" for their charges.  Men and women with the highest of personal standards of ethics, integrity, and morality.  Caught with their pants down....literally!

I do not mean to imply that all men are like this all the time.  I know there are men of morals, who would never get involved in any such situation.  Still, examples of the male interest in sex superceding their interest in almost anything else abound.  If these reasonably intelligent men in public positions of trust and responsibility can let themselves take chances just for a little ....uhh...(fill in your favorite euphemism!).... how can we believe that any other man would never give in to temptation? 

In this post, however, I am speaking of public figures, polititions, etc.  Every day, it seems, there is yet another revelation and/or accusation of some guy  in public life who couldn't keep his pants zipped!   How often do we read a headline that yet another "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues"!
And it appears to matter not at all if they are heterosexual or homosexual, young or old, believer or non-believer.  If you think hard enough or research long enough, there will not be many male "types" or professions, which has never been found to harbor a few guys caught in that same sexual net.  Seriously, think about it.  Ministers?  yes  Doctors?  yes   Lawyers?  yes  Policemen? yes  Athletes?  Oh yeah  Teachers?  Uh huh  Scientists?  yes  Movie stars?  Don't make me laugh!!   How many divorces came about because of infidelity??   If there has been any instance of sexual misconduct, it will be found, documented, and if the perpetrator is famous it WILL be publicized to all the world!  And yet it seems that it happens a lot!  Why?

Now we all know that men and women view sex differently.  But either women don't misbehave as often or they are a hell of a lot better at covering their tracks!  Because you rarely hear about a well-known woman's indiscretions unless it is in relation to some influential man's "urges".

Yet men seem willing to put everything at risk for some sexual adventure.  Really, everything!!  Their careers, their spouses, their children, their families, their standing in the community, their ambitions, their integrity....all unimportant!  Why?  Because Joe (or John, or Jim) is getting some!   whoo hoo.

Not to be too graphic, but the "feeling" that men get, must be a WHOLE LOT better than what women get, because I doubt very many women would even be tempted by such a trade off. 

Aren't we further along the evolutionary trail than this?  Shouldn't men (no matter how strong their "urges") be able to understand that this behavior can, and someday WILL, bring them results that no reasonably sane person could ever want?  Are they really so stupid?   And if the answer is yes, then the jerks deserve every single loss they suffer. 

And if the male gender of the species really is unable to control these urges, for God's sake let's either medicate them or stop making a big fuss and just accept the nature of the beast!! 

Currently however, that is not the prevailing opinion.  It is still treated at best, as a lapse, and at worst, as a sin!   Either way, the public figure is raked over the coals for his own actions and does, in fact, harm his own reputation and, potentially, his own value to society.

Personally, I don't think what goes on in anyone's bedroom is anybody's business but their own.  Nevertheless, if a person chooses activities that will expose himself (both literally and figuratively) to public scrutiny that could cost himself everything he holds dear, you think he'd figure out that he really ought to think long and hard before he lets that particular horse out of the barn! 


  1. Mellodee, and part of the reason may be the publicity accorded to such goings on, perhaps if they were downsized or publicized less it could make a difference. Currently, we are hearing about former presidential candidate John Edwards misdeeds. In the case of celebs, it seems they flaunt their activities even more so and think we give a your own expletive. Makes me so glad I don't watch TV or even go to movies!

  2. Whew! I don't know exactly how to respond to this one. So, maybe I shouldn't. But, then again, "know" me and know I have to say something. I really don't understand what guys are thinking when they "misbehave" in this way. They aren't, obviously.
    Yes, once in a while, even us common men have lustful thoughts, but do we usually act on them? No! What makes people in the spotlight think they can get away with these actions? I know what would have happened to me had I acted in this manner when my wife was alive. (I would be singing in a MUCH higher range, needless to say.) I am beginning to wonder if the celebs do this to garner more publicity. If so, that is sure a sad thing.
    Who knows, and really, who of us really cares. It just makes me sad.


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