Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh Bother!

Well, I can't say I wasn't warned.  Google has been alerting us for weeks that changes were coming.  And today they arrived with a thump!  Oh Bother!! 

Change is not my favorite thing.  And when it relates to technology, computers, using the Internet, and my own personal blog.....well, let's just say it's a pain in the ass!

I know that using Blogger costs me nothing.  I know I could never manage to write a blog without Blogger's structure.  I know that nobody likes a whiner, but oh Lordy, it is as annoying as it can possibly be (probably) 

I expected that Blogger's upcoming change would be along the lines of change for change's sake!  You know, let's change everything just because we can!  But the reality is something else entirely.

Here my friends, is the real reason behind the "update":

"Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems. If you are having problems, try Google Chrome."

I have always used Internet Explorer as my browser, but now Google and Blogger, don't want us to use any browser except the one they own.   Should have known, it's always about the money, isn't it??

I suppose I will eventually (probably sooner than later) change my browser so that I don't lose any more functionality than necessary, but boy, I really HATE being forced into doing this when the ultimate benefit is only to Blogger and Google and not to the users!

It's a damn shame I don't have the moral fortitude to just close up shop and walk away from the whole thing!!  But I don't.  I'll stumble around until I figure it out.  I just won't be happy about it!


  1. EEK! I already experienced the change in the Blogger dashboard, but changed it back. I guess I must be using a "good" browser cause they haven't told me to change that...yet!
    Keep on keepin' on, Mel. We'd miss you if you were gone!

  2. With the transition, Blogger didn't publish my scheduled posts (on my One-Minute Writer blog) for the last two days. Grr!!

  3. Well, Mellodee...if I can figure it out-You can! It just drives me nuts. I have always used Internet Explorer for everything, too, but I will say that Google Chrome is MUCH faster! MUCHO!

    I am so techy challenged that when my daughter started a blog she named it IF SHE CAN FIGURE IT OUT (meaning me-that anyone could do it).

    Well, we will just bumble along as best we can, won't we? xo Diana

  4. Sweetie, I will be stumbling with you..I am already so lost with the new blogger..don't know how to get the blogs I follow on my side bar..don't know how to write the title of my blog on any header I would manage to make, and the list goes on and on. I end up clicking here and there and everywhere trying to find the right click.
    I don't have the guts to walk away either. I need to get my blog printed and that takes more money, I find, than I want to spend. So I plug along from day to day just hoping I can figure it all out! :( I hate change too!! What the heck is Google Chrome??? I've seen the name but not a clue what it is or where it is or how to get it..or what the difference will be! Really upsetting!

  5. yes!!! I panicked when I saw this...I thought I got a virus!!
    but you can still go back to the old blogger by clicking the wheel on your gives you the option of using the old blogger.

  6. There were so many little changes. I am still finding them all.

  7. I'm with you and dislikin changes Mellodee, expecially since I don't have all the time to learn new things. I know that Chrome is another browser and I have tried it, but like yourself I continue using Explorer. When I switch to a Mac, which I plan to do then I can have another new thing to lear! So far, blogger is still working for me.


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