Monday, April 16, 2012

Things I Should Never Do!

Sometimes other bloggers are a great source for good blogging ideas!  I freely admit I stole.....borrowed.....copied this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Shell at Things I Can't Say
Thanks Shell!!  I love this.  Shell had 8 things, but I'm a lot older than she, and I've screwed up a lot more often, so I ended up with 10! 

10 Things I Should Never Do!!

1.  Never pass up a chance to go to the bathroom....ever!

2.  Never buy a pair of shoes that are  "just a little tight" in the store, thinking they will stretch....they won't.

3.  Never buy a pair of jeans that actually fits comfortably in the store, forgetting that they will stretch, because they will become positively baggy before I get to the third wearing.

4.  Never send an email written while upset, angry, or will come back and bite me in the ass!

5.  Never forget that my face gives away exactly what I'm thinking.

6.  Never decide to pass up more than one motel after 7:00 p.m. when on a road trip.....the next acceptable motel will not show up for at least another hour!

7.  Never, but NEVER, get into the car without two sets of keys!

8.  Never arrive late when meeting a group of friends at a restaurant....the only seat left will be at the end of the table next to the person I like the least!

9.  Never go to the grocery store looking like the Wreck of the Hesperus....I will run into the most attractive man I know!

10.  Never wait till the last minute to put together an outfit for an event....nothing in the closet will look good with anything else and I will not have any shoes that work at all!


  1. Ah yes...#8. Happened to me last month when a bunch of my former HS classmates met for dinner at a local watering hole. I was the last one there and they "saved" me a seat clear at the end of the table across from a guy who never got past the 10th grade, but we invited because he did go to school with us for 10 years. I barely remembered him, and I listened to him gripe about being retained in second grade and how he disliked that teacher. Will I go again? Not to sure about that. The more I think about it, the madder I still am. LOL!

  2. Aren't those the trutn? I can't tell you how many shoes I used to buy that I thought would "break in". I just pulled about 5 pairs of those out of my closet to donate to GW...barely worn. And I NEVER EVER pass up the opportunity to go potty whenever I can! xo Diana

  3. LOL...these are great. One and nine I totally agree with :)

  4. All good "don'ts" but I'm afraid I have probably broken ALL of them!
    I can add an 11th - don't buy a bolt of fabric and TELL EVERYONE about it, when you aren't going to get around to sewing with it for more than a year!
    Thanks for stopping by That Old House - I love your visits!

  5. Mellodee, I read Shell's list first and it was cute, but I can relate to yours much more, maybe an age thing?


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