Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Bits and Pieces" (ad infinitum)

Just a little of this and a little of that....

*** I love these warm summer evenings.  Unfortunately, sitting on the deck to enjoy them is not an option for a little while, because there are two enormous wasps nests under the overhang.   I just discovered them last night.  Mikey sprayed them this morning, but I won't take a chance sitting out there until they are well and truly gone.  Shouldn't take more than a day or two.

***  I have way too many days that go by when I don't actually speak to anyone except for Mikey and whatever restaurant/store staff I encounter.  Alone doesn't automatically mean lonely, but some days its just too quiet!

***  I went to Marie Callendar's yesterday to return to pie plates and get the deposit back.  Most of the restaurants around have raised their prices; not too outrageously, but enough for a meal to cost $3-4 more than had been the case.  It's understandable.  They run into a lot of increased costs from their suppliers.  I get that.  However, in the case of Marie Callendar's, that puts a single meal for one up over $20 (after the tip).  I like Marie Callendar's well enough, but it is not fine dining by any means, so that $22-23 tab for just me really is pricey, so I haven't been going there as often lately.

But as long as I was there with the pie plates, I went ahead and had lunch.  While I  was eating, the hostess who seated me came over and held out a business card and asked if I might be interested in having one.  The card was labeled
"Senior Class Discount".  They were discounting the cost of the meal for people over 55 by 25% if you presented one of these cards!  25%!  That's enough to negate the price increases and returns my total bill into a more affordable range!  So I took one!   And it doesn't expire until 12/2011!  The only drawback is that it says on the card that it's only valid at this location.  Well, that's okay, this is the one I go to anyway!  Still, if you have one close by and eat there occasionally, it would be worth asking about that location too, don't you think?  Good luck!!!

Now if they would just put their Beef Stroganoff back on the menu!

***  One day last week I decided to go to my favorite shoe store and get some cute summer sandals.  Oh, silly me!  Nada!  Zip!  Bupkis!  There was practically nothing on the shelves.  They were preparing to put out their winter August....when it is 102F. outside! 

I do this every flippin' year and I never remember that you need to buy summer things in March.  And it makes me mad all over again, every year!   I don't know what that approach is called, but it really annoys me.  Every clothing and shoe store in the country does the same thing too.  It works well for the store; I guess, but I don't want to buy sandals in March!  It's still COLD in March.  I'm still thinking in terms of knee socks and corduroy jeans and heavy sweaters in March.  Nevertheless, the retailers have decreed that August is just too late to buy anything summery!  So I guess I'll make do with last year's sandals and try again next year.  Pooh!

***  My cousin, Kim, posted this on FaceBook.
"President Obama announced his plan to remove all combat troops from Iraq by the end of August. So thank you to all the men and women serving in Iraq and “Good luck in Afghanistan!”
I don't mean to be flip, but I suppose this could happen and that makes me sad.  :(

DISCLAIMER:  The above item is a piece of military satirical humor and is in no way intended as a statement of fact!  Sorry that wasn't clear.

***  She also posted this, 
"YES!!! I knew it!!! The world will not end in 2012 - I just found a bottle of ketchup that expires in 2013..."
I don't know about you, but I'll certainly be sleeping better knowing that!!  :)

***  Oh I almost forgot!  The bunny came calling again today!  I haven't seen him for a couple of weeks and I was pretty sure he had moved to a different neighborhood!  But either I was just missing him or he had gone away but came back for a nibble on our grass (and I use the term loosely!)  Either way he's still cute as a button and it was nice to see him.

So in the words of the inimitable Walter Cronkite, "And that's the way it is on Wednesday, August 4th".


  1. Ha ha--I love the 2012/ketchup bit of "wisdom"! :)

    I'm quite sure President Obama has NOT decided to take all troops out of Iraq by the end of the month.

  2. No warm summer nights here. Daytime temps barely get to the mid-70's. That's why we enjoyed Tucson so much - being able to sit outside in the evening. It was wonderful.

    And I'm with you on the clothes thing. I just can't buy summer clothes in March, but they don't sell them in August! And buying sweaters in August just doesn't work for me. I guess since I've had this issue for 64 years now it's time to just acknowledge and move on (as my daughter would say).


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