Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Bits and Pieces" (ad infinitum)

Just a little bit of this and tiny piece of that....

***  The Big Guy is doing OK.  The facial drooping has gotten a bit better, although he says it doesn't feel any better or different.  The thing that appears to be the most bothersome is the eye watering.  The doctor warned him that the eye probably would not close properly and to watch out for dryness.  Well, his problem is certainly not dryness.  His eye is almost constantly watering.  He has taken to wearing a gauze pad held in place by an eye patch which helps a lot.  It is a bit like living with a pirate though!   Arrrggh, Matey!

*** The other thing that happened on Wednesday was that M-t-G got her first set of braces.  She anticipated only getting the top set (to make room for her canines which have no where to go), but ended up with a full set.  The first few days have been pretty painful while she eating.  There is a huge list of things she can't eat, and it encompasses many of her favorite things -- nuts, corn on the cob, popcorn, gummy anything, and so on.  She informed her mother and I Wednesday evening after dinner, "This is not making me happy!"  Well, nope, I guess it wouldn't.  Don't worry, honey, it will only be for a year or 18 months"  Cold comfort, I guess!

***  Last year from the end of May to September we had almost constant HOT (over 100F) weather, which got to be really uncomfortable and made just about everyone cranky.  This year we didn't hit 100F until August, which is an improvement.  Nevertheless, it has been over 100F again for the last 2 1/2 weeks.  OK, we're done now.  That's enough!!

***  M-t-G is experiencing some anxiety over going back to school this year.  Not only do we have the addition of braces (never easy on kids), but the poor kid has to go to a whole different school because of the School Board's decision to re-draw the school boundaries.   Arrrr!   Most of her friends will remain at the old school.  She met her new teacher yesterday and I hear that meeting went well.  School starts Monday, so we shall see. 

***  Ratchlet informed me that "Jersey Boys" (about The Four Seasons) is running for the next 3 weekends.  She will secure some good seats and put them on hold for one of the Friday nights, so I'll pay for them when I get there, but will have better seats than the "hoi polloi".  She can't get free tickets of course, but she can get good seats....I'll take it!  As the Associate Director for the theater she has a little pull, not much, but enough!  Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the show!  In fact, I'm already humming,  ".....big girls don't cry, big girls don't...."

***  Had dinner with our 2 best girls tonight at dessert heaven, The Cheesecake Factory!  Being the non-dessert person in the family, I only had one bite of the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake the Big Guy, M-t-G, and Ratchlet shared (they serve enormous pieces!)  They were all in 7th Heaven, particularly M-t-G.  I thought it was too rich and too sweet!  Heresy in my family!!

***  I'm continuing to run out of new things to read.  I haven't had a chance to go to the library this week, so I'm reduced to re-reading some of the books that I have.  Several folks have urged me to get a Kindle, which gives you access to hundreds of books almost instantly.  Considering how quickly I go through books, it would make a lot of sense, but I'm resistant.  I love books and somehow reading electronic versions just doesn't seem like it could possibly be the same!  Besides, I'm cheap!  I wish I knew someone who has one that I could borrow for a couple of days.  So far, no luck in that quarter.  Maybe I can squeeze in a side trip to the library tomorrow.  That would hold me for another couple of weeks!

***   I have an addictive personality.  I'm not at all tempted by alcohol or illegal drugs, but after my experience during my one trip to Las Vegas, it is clear that I could become addicted to gambling very easily.  Hence, my "one trip to Las Vegas"!!  So actually, my only addictions are smoking and Pepsi!  I drank nothing but Pepsi and Pepsi Free for years!  I was notorious for always having Pepsi in my travel bottle!  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Midnight snack....didn't matter, Pepsi was my drink of choice.  Well, this past year, for whatever reason I don't know, I have drastically reduced my Pepsi intake.  Now you might think that is good news.   Well, not as much as it could be.  You see, I've just replaced Pepsi with iced tea!  That's all I order in restaurants and since I found that I can purchase pre-made, unsweetened tea by the gallon (wheee!), I am pretty sure I have slipped over into a tea addiction.   I can go through a couple of gallons in a week!  Like I said, addicted!   I sure wish I could become addicted to something positive for a change, like saving money, or cleaning, or the like.  I'm pretty darn sure that won't ever happen.  I'm too busy enjoying blogging, FaceBook, and Iced Tea!

Okay, that's enough random thoughts for tonight....besides it's time for more tea!!


  1. Oh, for pete's sake get a Kindle!! I was totally concerned that it wouldn't have the same feel as a "real" book, but now I love it and can't imagine being without it.

    Sorry, but Linda without her Pepsi just doesn't work for me.

    Braces suck.

    Hope Mike is all well soon.

  2. Isn't it GREAT being retired? You can do whatever you want all day, snack, garden, paint, read, play the piano, snack, read..
    you get the idea.
    Not to mention moving my junk around...over and over. I need to stay off ebay too.

    Bullying! How I hate it and I do wonder how often they address the problem in schools and if they still have assemblies like you used to. Remember those, where they used to "talk" to kids.

    And...rules of the road!...Actually, I think the Golden Rule applies here...but what if they don't know what that is. Sometimes I wonder...I really do!

    So...Mellodee...what a joy you are! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! They warm my heart and already I am beginning to scan looking for yours!

    I am addicted to Diet Cokes and wish to heavens I could become addicted to water. I try but I hate the stuff. I love iced tea but it has to be try to stay away from it...
    I have discovered Lipton Diet Iced Tea..Lemon...and I do love it. We have huge glasses every night for dinner. I put in 6 heaping iced teaspoons full..and it is perfect. Of course I use those HUGE ribbed glasses from Pottery Barn...(I found them in the Salvation Army store for ten cents each!) What a deal.

    Sorry to take up so much of your comment space. I get a bit wordy sometimes. :)
    Love and hugs to you,


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