Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"I'm Looking for Someone to Love"

No, not like that!!  (Sheesh! Some people!!)  I just need some new authors to read. 

You see, I love to read (I'm sure I've mentioned that before!).  I also read very quickly, especially if it's a new book from one of my favorite authors!  I have learned over the years to at least TRY to ration the amount that I permit myself to read of a brand new book I just purchased, otherwise I have been known to finish a book on the same day I start it!  That's very frustrating and annoying!  Especially back before the bottom fell out of publishing (you know, back when we were willing to spend $25 or $30 for a hardcover book.)  It has happened more than once that a favorite writer will not complete or release a new book more than once a year.  If I then read it in a couple of days....well, that's a long time to wait for the next one to come along!  I'm working on the problem, but it's hard to change something like that.

The second thing that's a problem for me is that when I find an author I really enjoy, I will then proceed to read everything every written by that person.  Sooner or later I've read all of their published work, some more than once, and I am stuck waiting till the next time they publish.  And there is no way to speed them up!

Anyway I have gone through a number of authors through the years and I am in the market for some new writers to try.  Well at least new to me!  I try to expand my horizons by getting books from the library so I can reduce my expenses and maybe find new favorites.  That hasn't happened lately.  For some reason, I haven't found anyone new in a while.  All I've been doing is realizing that I've already read half of the books I check out!  So I'm asking for your help.  "I'm Looking for Someone (New) to Love."  Would you share your favorite writers with me? 

Just to give us a fighting chance for some success here, I listed below some of the writers that I already love and have read everything they've done:

Robert Ludlum
Michael Crichton
Tom Clancy
Dan Brown
Ken Follett

General Fiction:
Nelson DeMille
Leon Uris
Greg Iles
John J. Nance
John Grisham
James Michener

Dick Francis
Agatha Christie
Susan Wittig Albert
J.A. Jance

Womens' Fiction/Romance:
Nora Roberts
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Sandra Brown
J. A. Krentz
Marian Keyes
Dorothea Benton Frank
Emilie Richards
Jennifer Cruisie
Anne Rivers Siddons
Robyn Carr
Susan Wiggs
Barbara Delinsky
Debbie Macomber
Kristen Hannah

Science Fiction:
David Brin
Robert Heinlein
Isaac Asimov

There are, of course, others; but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.   Who do you love?


  1. I'm glad to see what a wide range of authors you like! Here are some I think you might enjoy:

    General Fiction:
    Jeffrey Archer

    Brad Meltzer

    Sci-Fi (which I'm currently very into):
    Jack McDevitt
    Orson Scott Card (start with Ender's Game)

    I have a few of these that you can borrow, but lots of times I read library books, so I don't have a ton. But let me know if you'd like to borrow any of what I do have!


  2. Hi Mellodee,
    Thanks for stopping by the porch...love your sense of humor! Have you read anything by Michael Lee West? She has a wonderful blog called Designs by Gollum. Also, she hosts a party called Foodie Friday every Friday at Designs by Gollum. Here's the link if you'd like to check her out: http://designsbygollum.blogspot.com/
    I wish I had time to read more. I haven't turned on my t.v. in months...but I do love to read!
    Wish I could read as fast as you do! :)

  3. First of all - get a Kindle!! It's the most amazing thing and you can have a boatload of books at your fingertips always.

    Some of my favorites are James Patterson (fast-paced thrillers)and Tess Gerritsen. I do the same thing, get a list of the books of my favorites and read them all. I can NOT be without a book.

  4. I like the sounds of a Kindle....the convenience, the access, the size, the variety of choices....all sound terrific. Now if they could just make it with pages to turn and that new book smell, it would be perfect! LOL!

    In reality, I'm too cheap to buy one for myself, I have high hopes for Christmas!


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