Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Things I Couldn't Say"

Dear So and So...

Trying something new today!  An opportunity to write all about "Things I Couldn't Say! 

Dear Magazine Editors,

If you in any way gear your content and focus to "mature" men and/or women, please be aware that small, colored print, especially on a dark background, is almost impossible to see when one's eyes are more than 60 years old!  I have even seen such designs in the AARP Magazine!  They should definitely know better!  If you want me to read an article, don't hide it in an "arty" design.  I can't read what I can't see.

Thank you,


Dear Bloggers,

See above!!  The same goes for blogs.  Dark backgrounds and small print are difficult to read.....Be kind to the older set!  Please don't make it such a struggle to read your beautiful blogs!

Thank you,


Dear Favorite Authors,

Write faster please!   It's hard waiting for your next book for so long!   :)

Thank you,

Ever faithful Mel

Dear Drivers,

Just for fun, let's all re-read the "Rules of the Road" again.  I'll bet you don't remember them nearly as well as you think you do!!

Thank you,

One close call too many

To Whomever is "In Charge" of such things,

Bullying kids are not good.  That's one behavior that has absolutely no redeeming value at all.  As we start of another school year, can't you please, give parents and teachers the magic words that will make this behavior disappear from the world forever.  Enough damage has been done! 

Thank you,

Mel -- On behalf of all kids, and parents, and teachers everywhere

So what do you think?  Is it  a keeper?  I'm still trying to figure out the "linking" part, but in the meantime feel free to send someone a Dear So and So about  the things YOU couldn't say!


  1. Great post!! Yea to NO bullying!!

  2. Excellent post- very clever. I also hate the light letters on dark backgrounds.


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