Friday, December 3, 2010

"I Want a Hippopotamas for Christmas"

Well, no, actually I don't want a Hippo for Christmas (or anything else, for that matter).  I don't usually have anything specific that I do want for myself.  I can put together a "wish list", but it's really more of a "well, I wouldn't mind getting a ____list". 

The truth of the matter is that between the Big Guy and Ratchlet and Lil Sis, I pretty much win the Christmas Lottery!  They usually come up with the best presents!  In fact, they generally go overboard every year, especially the Big Guy!   It gets embarrassing some years when everyone else has opened all of their gifts and I still have some to open. 

Part of that is due to my "getting behind" in the opening rounds.  I love to sit and watch everyone open their gifts.  So I forget to keep opening my own.  I'm always hoping that I got everyone something that hits the mark.  I am just a tad sentimental (ahem) and I like to give something that is one of those "best presents" because it touches them emotionally.  Sometimes I manage it and other times, I don't.  A whole lot depends on the inspiration that I get while shopping.

I am pretty much an impulse buyer.  Oh I still pick up on the hints that crop up in conversation during November and early December, e.g., "Boy, this wallet sure has seen better days"; "Remember that great sweater (insert complete and detailed description of said sweater) that I wore out?  Sure hope I can find one like it again someday."  A person would have to be deaf and blind not to pick up on those hints!

But while I'm in the stores, I will frequently come up with something that nobody has ever mentioned.  I will see things that just sort of jump up and down in the stores saying "pick me"!  And I do!! Those are usually the BEST PRESENTS! Unfortunately, if there aren't a lot of hints, and if nothing in the stores inspires me, I'm left in a pickle.   

I've never been a list maker, so I have nothing to fall back on.  It has generally worked out to some extent but I can't seem to find one of the "best presents" every year. 

I haven't even started any serious shopping and I already have a feeling this is not going to be one of my stellar years.  Have stores cut back their Christmas inventories??  There just doesn't seem to be the same sparkle and excitement and variety that normally accompanies Christmas.  What I have seen is pretty darn boring!  I haven't even heard any Christmas songs over the store speakers!  What's going on?  Is it just me?  Is it the economy? 

The way things look at the moment, I might end up having to get one of those Hippopotamuses for everyone!  I sure haven't seen anything else that I like any better.  I refuse to buy junk, just to have something!!  Anybody know where I can get a few Hippos?? I getting too....(choke).... old for Christmas??? 


  1. You are NEVER too old for Christmas!!

  2. It is fun to be in a family of good gift givers. Mine isn't so good...but I know it is the thought that counts...or it should be. As for you being to old for Christmas..I can't see it happening. I agree that the selections in the store this year are boring. I can not put my finger on it..but something is very diffrent.

  3. Shopping was a bit more fun years ago when it was just my kids and brother's family I had to buy for. AND I was still working and had money! Now we have so many kids and grandkids between us that it's a struggle to buy something they will appreciate, and not spend money we don't have. Plus, everyone wants gift certificates now (even the kids!) and those just aren't fun to wrap!


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