Friday, December 10, 2010

"Things I Couldn't Say" (aka Dear So and So....)

Dear School Administrator,

Dear So and So...As a grandparent I love to support all the activities my M-t-G participates in!  Last night I went to the choir Winter Concert and enjoyed hearing the children sing very much.  It is a wonderful experience for kids to have!  Everyone in my family loves to sing and has done so all the way back to our grammar school days!  It's a family tradition.   
However, last night I found out that M-t-G's school only has the choir for the Fall semester!  It ends at Christmas and doesn't return until next Fall.  I do not know the reason.  I suppose there is some logical, reasonable, and appropriate reason for this situation.  Whatever the reason, it's a DAMN SHAME!  One semester is just about long enough to get the kids familiar with what written music looks like and means and to fall in love with the job of group singing.  Then, boom, cold turkey!  M-t-G is extremely disappointed and sad.  So are the rest of us!

Please fix this NOW!

Thank you,
M's Grammy


Dear Neighbors,

Your houses are looking really great!  We just love the variety and creativity of your displays!  They just get better every year!  Whoo Hoo!!

Santa's Elves


Dear M-t-G,

I know you're struggling with what you believe and what you don't believe about Christmas and Santa.  I'm sorry we made you mad the other night at dinner.  We were teasing and both your Mom and I forgot how much you hate to be teased!  We just aren't quite ready to let go of our "little" Maddie.  It's hard for grown-ups to watch our favorite little kids turn into mini-grown-ups.  Hold on to childhood for as long as you can, honey!  It doesn't last as long as you think.  It may seem hard to you now, but really someday you'll realize how much simpler life was when you still believed in Santa Claus!

All my love,


My Darling Daughter,

Just a tiny reminder that no matter what crops up in your life, you continually astound me with your abilities and caring!  You are usually your harshest critic (as we all are sometimes), but you sometimes don't appreciate your strengths!  I watch you juggle all that is going on in your life and I am so proud of the person you are.  You are the best person I know and as I have always said, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.  I can't imagine a better daughter or a better person!



Dear Spirit of Christmas Present,

Could you please send a little more "oomph" my way?  I have tons to do before the holiday and so far, I only seem to find little spurts of energy to do any of it!  I have lots of Christmas spirit, but without the "oomph" not enough is getting done each day.  I need your help, pretty please!

Mel, the Christmas Slug


  1. Hmm... school budgeting maybe? That is too bad that it's only the fall semester, though.

    I'm finally getting my oomph. Maybe yours is on the way?! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The middle school where I slaved (worked really) for so many years had a similar set up. The kids took Choir then took something else like art, or P.E. or shop. It gave them a taste of each, but I think if a student likes one specific thing, they should be allowed to continue. Our choir dir. at school hated the system.

  3. My oldest daughter is 6 and already struggling with the idea that Santa is real. She already has the tooth fairy pegged as fake.

  4. Praying some "oomph' your way.

  5. It's funny what Kat said--I never believed in Santa but DID believe in the tooth fairy for some reason!

    I agree with Brandi--I know a lot of arts budgets have been cut at schools. So sad. :(

  6. I KNOW where your "oomph" went, Mel! It was accidently sent to me and now it looks as if Santa has vomited Christmas all the heck over my house! Someone got their wires crossed...not to mention it all happened with me sick with a cold..:(
    Happy Christmas!

  7. I love these!! I can tell how proud you are of your daughter and granddaughter. I feel the same about my 2 and my grandson!


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