Monday, January 3, 2011

"Deck the Halls" - Christmas 2010

 In our family Christmas doesn't completely end until January 6 (Three Kings' Day). Therefore, even though most everyone has already moved on and into the New Year, we still have things up for 2 more days....and you lucky people get to see a few photos of what Christmas looks like at our house.  Hope you like them!

Disclaimer:    I don't know why the reindeer photo won't stand up straight and tall like the others.  Neither do I know why the daytime photo of the Nativity is so blurry.  If I knew how to make it into a pretty photo collage, I would have.  However, given my track record with cameras and photography, these are darned near museum quality...or at least as close as I'll ever get!!!   And I feel lucky to have gotten them!

"Frosty the Snowman"
season lunch

"...You Know Dasher and...."
My only successful craft project Ever!!
Christmas 1968
and every year since!

"T'was the night
before Christmas...."

Nativity we've had since 1967
(Sorry it's so blurry!)
I just love this Nativity.

"....T'was a humble birthplace...."

"It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
"The Nutcracker Suite"
(Mikey's collection that just
keeps on growing!)

Okay, that is it on Christmas photos that turned out well!

I could possibly write one, maybe two more posts about Christmas, but then I will most certainly move the rest of the world. It was a grand Christmas in many ways. But it had its quirky moments. Still and all, I truly do love these Holidays and I will truly love having everything packed up and put away until next year!  Yep, it's almost time to "Un-deck the Halls"!!!


  1. Between novels and knitting caps, I am working on trying to undeck the halls. My tree is still up and the box of decorations is under it awaiting me. I finally got Prof and Kiddo to take their gifts (opened Christmas Day) upstairs to their "attic" headquarters. It's kind of a tradition to put our opened gifts under the tree for everyone to enjoy for a while. Clutter is beginning to drive me nuts!! LOL!

  2. Love your Frosty!!

    I collect Santas. I have so many (over 100) that a year or so ago, I decided to only collect Irish Santas. I'll be giving my kids their pick of the other ones I have.

  3. Hi, Your Christmas home looks lovely Mellodee.I know a lot of people who leave their decor up till the end of January. Things are just to rushed these days...rush to put up the tree and ruch to take it down. I say slow down and is to short.♥ love the nativity. Dee

  4. Love your pictures! Your decorations are beautiful! Mine are still up. Hopefully I will get a chance to take them down this weekend. for now I'm enjoying them!


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