Friday, January 21, 2011

A few more things I just don't get!

There are things that I encounter in life that make no sense to me; other people seem to "get it", but not me!  Do you understand....

1.  Why some people are so anxious for the holidays to end that they take down their tree and outside lights on Christmas Day???!   It's actually still the holiday, folks!

2.  Conversely, why some people cannot manage to get their decorations down until February???!   Really, you guys, you couldn't find an hour to get it down before Valentine's Day??   It makes you look really lazy!!

3. Why fingernails (and toenails) can go along just fine for several weeks with just a little bit of maintenance, but then will, for no discernible reason, suddenly start breaking and splitting and generally looking awful, requiring a complete manicure tut suite!?!   

 4.  Speaking of nails, why have plain old emery boards become little more than useless bumpy cardboard??!   They don't work worth a darn anymore!! 

5.  Why every single gadget for swiping a credit card in a store is arranged differently from every other such gadget in every other store??  Haven't you people heard of "User Friendly"?  How difficult could standardizing them be???

6.   Why the numbers on a telephone keypad are arranged in reverse order from the numbers on a calculator???  It makes absolutely no sense!!  (I may have mentioned this one before, but that's OK, I still don't get it!)

7.  Why the post office continues to make it more and more difficult to get a letter or package into the mail??   One pick-up a day, even INSIDE the post office is ridiculous!!   Perhaps part of their dwindling business relates to their dwindling service!

8.   Why won't this stupid "almost cold" just go away?!  It's not getting worse, it's not getting better, it just sits there making me feel "almost sick" and waiting for the other shoe to drop.    Arrggh!

There you have it, my friends, the unanswerable mysteries of life! 

Guess What?  I've signed up for a Blog Hop for us kids over 40!  (Hey, it doesn't limit how FAR over 40 you can be!).  Why don't you go visit some of the folks in the parade and then join up yourself!!

And if you just hopped in from Follow Friday, Welcome!  Nice to meet ya!


  1. Hey! Just dropped in from the blog hop to say G'day from Australia! We seem to have the same mysteries of life down here too ... go figure!!

    Thanx for the laugh, enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Thanks for stopping at my blog and becoming a follower. I am now your follower. You have a list that you've given some thought and they are some of the things i've also contemplated. Hope you get over your cold soon.
    Love and peace xo xo xo
    Wanna buy a duck

  3. An HOUR to take down Christmas decorations???? I shoud be so lucky. Even after paring down what I put up now, it still takes me about 7-8 hours easily to get it all put away. And that's if I did it all in one sitting, which I don't. lol And that's not counting the time your niece puts in on the outside lights! LS

  4. I had to pull out an old cell phone and my calculator to look, and dang! You're right!

  5. Hi There!
    I've found you through Java's Friday follows and I'm your newest follower. Love reading your list, but I have to disagree with you about the post office. I'm Canadian and USPS is soooo cheap and soooo fast compared to Canada Post! I can mail a package to my mom in Toronto faster and at about 1/10th the price in the states than at home :)

    Drop by my blog and say hi!

    I can be found at Sugarbeat's Books

    Valentine's Giveaway

  6. #5 and #6 also drive me nuts.

  7. I agree about the credit card swiping machines. Can I swipe before they're done ringing up? What about signing, can I do that early? Do I have to approve the amount, that I want it all on my credit card, and a half dozen other things?


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