Monday, January 31, 2011


I just heard that yet another Arctic blast is heading toward the Midwest, bringing a lot more of that wet, cold, icy, miserable, dangerous, slushy, disgusting "Snow" to a neighborhood near you!  You all have my deepest sympathies!  Stay warm and be very careful with shoveling and such.  Fork over a few bucks and get a hunky, 17 year old guy to do it!  I hope you will forgive me for being oh so glad that I don't live in that climate anymore!!

The only time that I have ever thought anything positive about snow is when it has snowed with big fat, fluffy flakes that coat the entire landscape in a pristine blanket of white and make it all look like an ice castle world.  That kind of snow can be long as I am indoors in a warm, comfortable, cosy home, with a cup of tea beside me and a great book in hand.

However, as soon as that begins to melt and get grey and dirty, I lose interest in it pretty quickly.  If I HAVE to go out in it, I bundle up in boots, thick socks, hats, mittens, sweaters, parkas, and scarves!  I have on so many garments, that it is difficult to move, much less stuff myself behind the steering wheel of the car. 

The thing that I dislike the most about cold, wintry, snowy days is that the sky is unrelentingly grey!  The whole world looks depressing and I spend my time wishing people were like bears and could hibernate till Spring!!  Unfortunately, we aren't like bears and hibernating is impractical!

All those grey and depressing sights push me right down into depression hell! 
I may have written about this once before, but one of the greatest revelations of my life was the first time I flew out of Chicago during the dead of winter on one of those miserable grey days.  We took off directly up into the big ugly clouds.  The plane was bouncing around like crazy from the turbulence and wind.  I was pretty sure I was going to die.  (I am the queen of white knuckle fliers!!)

After about 5 minutes in the air, we suddenly broke through the grey clouds.  The plane leveled out and we went from bouncy to smooth.  I could breathe again!  Then I looked out the window.  Oh.  My.  God.  The sky was bright beautiful blue and that great big ol' sun was right there shining for all it was worth with warmth and light.  It was like getting a vitamin shot or something!  My mood instantly went from misery to amazement!

For some reason it had never occurred to me that there was anything up there on a grey cloudy day except the grey clouds!!  I guess I thought all those clouds went all the way up to the stratosphere!  What a dope!  All along my pal, the sun, was right where it was supposed to be, hidden from us by a bunch of clouds thick enough to block the sun from view.  I just couldn't believe it, but I was sure glad!

So for all of you who hare been buried and reburied under all the snow this year and are living under continuous grey, depressing clouds, take heart!  The sun is right above you, just like always, and eventually the clouds will blow away and the sun will work its magic to melt the snow. 

At least until the next snowstorm shows up.  In the meanwhile, may I suggest that you hop on a plane, fly up through the clouds to see the sun, and head south!


  1. I love snow through a window when I'm sitting in front of a fireplace. But that's it! My poor brother is in Chicago and they are not a happy people right now.

    My stepdaughter moved to Denver with her husband and twins last February and she still enjoys the snow. They haven't had a lot of it yet. But she is planning on building a snowman with the babies in the next day or two even though the temp will be around 5! Yeah, good luck with that.

    On the other hand, my magnolia tree is blooming, the daffodils are popping open, and I can see the first signs of tulips!

  2. I love that perspective!! I'd have a hard time living somewhere snowy, for sure.

  3. Visiting by way of Braja's (because you left such a nice comment over there). It's (already) been a long, cold, lonely winter here in Ohio (okay, not really lonely, I just kept that because of the song) and, as of tomorrow, there's another 6 weeks to go. I was in Austin back in December and enjoyed every sunny moment.

  4. We only ever see in on our far distant mountains and though I love to watch the snow fall, I also know what comes with it. Still.... :)

  5. Believe me, if it was in my budget, and I had someplace to go (my TX brother is headed to FL) I would get on the great silver bird and leave this mess behind me. But it isn't and I can't, so I will pour myself another cup of "joe" grab my latest novel and sit back and watch the world be covered in whiteness. I know the depression that goes with long winters...and I would move in a heartbeat to a warmer climate, but my kids, friends and all that is dear to my heart is right here. What can I say!

    Peace and warmth to you!


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