Friday, January 14, 2011

"Magic Moments"

(l-r)   The Big Guy, T.A., Ratchlet,
Maddie-the-Great, and me

We had these taken a couple of days after Christmas.  They turned out very well,    I think.  We're kind of a cute bunch, if I do say so myself!!
Nothing in the world is more important to me than my family! 
Can you tell?  :)

DISCLAIMER:   You can probably guess that I had nothing to do with the actual taking of these photographs; I didn't even touch the camera!  Hence, the quality, crispness, general composition, etc! (Except for the last one, that I messed up when editing it. Sorry it's blurry!) The photos were taken at local Picture People outlet.  The photos are my personal property.  There was no compensation or agreement regarding promotion of photos between Picture People and I.  Please do not use, without contacting me FIRST!


  1. These are so cute...and based on other pics I've seen of Maddie, I can't BELIEVE how much she's grown up!! She's looking like such a young lady now!

  2. Great photos! You have a lovely family!

  3. What lovely pictures. Mother, daughter, all look so much alike. And you all look like you're having a good time. Family portrait time in my family is a "trial by fire." Prof, Kiddo, and I all hate to be photographed, and with the little ones, it's just a crap shoot if we get good ones. Maybe when the little ones get older it will be a little better. Thanks for sharing your happy family with your readers.

  4. Beautiful pictures! You all look so happy!

  5. Hey...your a good looking family with lovely smiles.

  6. Very nice! An you're right, NOTHING is more important than family!


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