Saturday, June 25, 2011

"The Best Is Yet to Come"

In approximately 5 hours from the time I am writing this, a milestone will occur in our house.  It will be the anniversary of my birth.  I will reach 23,741 days on this earth!  Funny, it seems longer than that!  A person should be able to accomplish great things in 23,741 days.  Looking back I accomplished many things of which I am proud.  I tried many new things, I've made mistakes, had successes, survived failures, and endured loss.  I learned a lot of interesting facts,  met a lot of great people, plus a pretty fair number of real stinkers!  I have been blessed with many good friends, even several BFFs!

Over the years I have explored my talents, recognized my weaknesses, even tried to improve a few.  I've held responsible positions in an industry where the focus is on caring for others.  I've worked for and with people I deeply respect and admire.  I married, kept a house, raised a child, tried a hobby, kept a secret, written letters, read books, sang songs, and enjoyed much  of what I encountered, tolerated parts of it, and got the hell out when I needed to!!. 

I have loved a lot of people and lost many of them.  I have the best relationship a mother ever had with a daughter who is my greatest joy.  I have kept the same husband for 45 years, even though some days we both wondered why!  We laughed together, cried together, got mad together, made up together.  I learned to love dogs and love them I did!  I found joy in performance through singing, dance, acting and directing for the stage.  I have been a part of great shows, and awful shows, but I learned from each one.

I have laughed until my stomach hurt, I have cried until my stomach hurt.  I  have cooked and cleaned and nurtured, and planted and then I did them again and again.  I have had repetitive tasks done a million times and once in a lifetime experiences. 

I have had happiness, wealth, sadness, boredom, financial shortfalls, misery, thrills, fear, relief, worry, stress, challenges, simplicity and complexity.  Good, bad, right, wrong, joy, grief, treasured moments and moments to forget.

Yes, 23,471 days to my far.  Like everyone else, each day brought another 24 hours to the sum of my life.  65 Years!  Impossible!  Where have they gone?  It's been a blink of an eye.  How many more will there be?  I don't want to know.  I just want to live them, share them with those I love and hold on to the idea that maybe,  just maybe, "The Best Is Yet to Come"!


  1. What a great post...what a great life so far! Happy birthday! I hope it's full of joy!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lovely post. I envy your writing skills.
    Like all of us of "that certain age" you have endured many things, and experienced lots. I have learned that experiencing and enduring go hand in hand but are certainly not the same.
    Have a wonderful day and a great year. Your "When I'm 64" was great! I love that song.

  3. I wish you many lovely returns, my friend.

    happy, happy day.

  4. Happy BIRTHDAY! You have graced the Earth with your presence... boy, are we fortunate to have you around.

  5. Happy are blessed And a blessing. May your days ahead be full of love and adventure and lots of blogging.


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