Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Things I Couldn't Say" aka Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

I love the Dear So and So meme started by Kat at   It is the perfect vehicle for all those little irritations of life that you wish you could complain to someone about.  I can't write one every week because I don't have that much in my life that irritates me (no matter what some people might think!).  So when I rack up enough irritations, I write to Dear So and So.  Kat runs the meme on Fridays, but it rarely works out that I can manage to get the timing right to post on Fridays.  Sooo, I've decided I'll post a couple of days late if I need to.  Hope nobody minds too much! 

Here we go with my latest batch to Dear So and So.....

Dear Walgreens,

Today in your store, I had a purchase in the Pharmacy and a purchase at the front register.  I used a debit card for both.  Can you please explain to my why the credit card swiper-things were NOT the same??  In the same store??  Two different styles, two different patterns, two different processes.  In the same store??? Not 100 feet apart????? It's bad enough that every business in the whole world uses a different type of swiper, but to have two different types in the same building is absurd beyond belief!  Using a standard type in all your stores would be great, using a standard type in the whole building would just be mind-bending!!

Mel, a loyal, but disbelieving customer


Dear Weatherman,

I'd like to thank you for the recent warm weather we have been having.  Of course, no one else likes it, but don't listen to them.  They're just a bunch of wusses.  So what if it hit 103F today?!  How hot can those complainers get walking from their air conditioned car to an air conditioned building?  It was only 103F for a little while in the mid-afternoon.  The rest of the time it was much lower than that and once the sun went down it was positively balmy outside.  Ahhhhh, my favorite kid of weather.

Could you please make summer go year-round?

Sweater-less Mel


Dear Blogger,

Whatever that you do that keeps changing the look of my posts, could you please cut it out??!!!!  Presentation is important to me.   I type with bold, with italics, with color, with certain spacing then I hit "publish post" and all that disappears!  Where did it go?  Why did it go?  Would you stop messing around with my hard work.  I'll be my own editor, thank you very much!

Mel, the Blogger Diva


Dear Left Eye,

Ok, you have been diddling around for the last five days, being red, itchy, irritated and uncomfortable.  I. Am. Done.  Knock it off!  I'm tired of eye drops and having my eye making its presence known every minute I'm awake!  I want to go back to taking my comfort and vision for granted without having to fuss with you!  This is your last warning.  Shape Up!!

Blinking Mel


To the Grim Reaper,

Other than relatives from the previous generations,  I have not yet lost someone who is important to me to death.  But it's getting closer.  Last week a woman I knew from high school died.  She was not a very close friend, but she was someone I liked and have good memories of.  She was a fun, lively, and beautiful lady with lots to live for.   She was also a year younger than I. 

I realize that my contemporaries and I are getting to the point in our lives when we will begin to experience more and more of these losses.  What would you say to going on an extended vacation?  You know, one of those Death Takes a Holiday kind of things.  Not forever, just for 20 or 30 years!  That's all.  What do you think?  You could probably use the rest, right?  So what do you say, huh?  I know a lot a people who would be really grateful.

Wishful Mel


Dear Big Guy,

I'm very sorry you had to buy a new computer.  Spending all day running around to different retailers trying to find the best price for exactly what you wanted was very tiring, I know.  It's really good that you were able to finally track down a decent deal and I'm glad for you.   I certainly hope that the transfer of files and information goes well.  (Perhaps an unrealistic hope, given our history with computers, but one can dream!)  And I REALLY hope you go a good long time without any further problems and you can get back into using your computer to your heart's content.

Your spouse, Mel

P.S.  Uhmm....Could you try real hard NOT to spill coffee (or anything else) on the new one, please?


Dear Blogland,

If you like Dear So and So, and want to give it a try, just pop over to Kat's Place at Three Bedroom Bungalow ( ), hook up with her Linky and add your own!  It's a great way to blow off steam, and you can read lots of other letters!

Your friend, Mel


  1. Mellodee, Your "Dear So and So" is one of my favorite parts of your blog. Keeps me thinking and smiling.:)

  2. As usual, you are so eloquent, and to the point. I have wondered why the "swipe things" for credit cards aren't all standardized.
    I hope your eye is getting better. Can't be much fun to carry that around with you all day long.
    I have thought about joining "dear so and so" but I have so many gripes and frustrations, that I would go on and on and bore my few readers into naptime.
    Keep up the good stuff. I read you every day, or at least check to see if you have a new one everyday!


  3. Are you using the old post editor or the new one? I still use the old one--I have tried the new one twice and it doesn't work well for me.

  4. Melodee, I was just talking to someone today about how spoiled we are. People are complaining when they go from their air conditioned car into their air conditioned office or home. Air conditioning used to be an option on cars, and not many people had it, and we all survived.
    Blogger has been driving me cra-zy lately-especially when I attempt to comment, and it won't recognize that I have a blog. I took a month long break, and Blogger wrote me off! Hope you get results with your letter to the grim reaper! laurie

  5. Enjoy your weather! Yesterday was pretty much the first warm day we've had in "sunny California" all year! I'm so tired of it being cold and windy. It's the middle of June, for crap's sake!

    Good luck with your eye.

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